WE KILL DEATH Film Aerial Stunt Stuns Audiences 60 Stories over Toronto

1:47 AM

Daredevils Hang Upside- Down 60 Storeys Over Toronto to Launch Film

History was made as three free climbing roof toppers--Mustang Wanted Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov--climbed a construction crane atop a 60-story building in downtown Toronto in celebration of the new film they’re starring in called "WE KILL DEATH." 

Producers Alex Ginzburg and Tony Lee, as well as invited guests and media marveled from the roof of Thompson Toronto as the three death-defying daredevils made their way onto the construction site and to the very top of the crane, at times dangling by their hands and feet several hundred meters from the ground. 

The group sent a live feed of their aerial feet to the astonished throng assembled on the roof of the nearby hotel. The group joined the party following their descent from the tower.

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