LAST GIRL STANDING Gets Multi-Territory Release

1:46 AM

On the eve of its US release by Dark Sky Films, Benjamin R Moody's acclaimed post-modern slasher "LAST GIRL STANDING" has secured distribution in over twenty territories including the UK, Scandinavia, Portugal, Turkey, Korea, China and Taiwan.

Chosen by Fangoria as one of the top 10, must see horror films of 2016, "LAST GIRL STANDING" follows the only survivor of a brutal massacre as she struggles to reclaim her shattered life. 

A new job leads to new friends, but can she shake off the stigma of her past or is she destined to repeat the slaughter.

"LAST GIRL STANDING" received its World premiere at FrightFest in London where it was snapped up for UK distribution by Icon Films and went on to win five awards including Best Film at Portland Underground Film Festival, Best Director at Eerie Horror Film Festival and Best Actress at New York City Horror Film Festival.

LAST GIRL STANDING will open theatrically on November 1 in theatres in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas, with a day and date DVD and VOD release.

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