Make Halloween Last Longer with FROM DUSK TILL DAWN

12:04 AM

Every year it happens: We get all excited about Halloween ... then it just lasts a few hours. This year, Fathom Events and Miramax are helping solve that problem:

"From Dusk Till Dawn," the movie that brings vampires, criminals, bikers and families together like no other, is returning to theaters for two days only - Nov. 6, and Nov. 9. 

So don't ruin the fun by following the calendar. 

Join the Gecko brothers and the Fuller family for a wild ride south of the border to the home of Santanico Pandemonium and the vampires that brought together Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez for a 20-year partnership that reshaped the movies.

Whether you've seen it over and over or you're a first-timer, "From Dusk Till Dawn" explodes on the big screen and never lets up, making it a wild ride that's even wilder in theaters.

Tickets are available now via Fathom Events or at participating theater box offices, and a full set of media materials is available here.

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