THE ACCOUNTANT will Leave Audiences Stunned

11:58 PM

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Ben Affleck delivers an intense performance which only makes the story of "The Accountant" a marvelous movie to watch.

Although the story can seem slow for an action movie, the story needs the steady pace to develop well and explain the twists and turns.

Christian Wolff, played by Affleck, develops a special gift as he works through his Autism in a harsh manner which his father puts him through.

Affleck is cold, vicious and frightful as Wolff as he has no emotion and does some gruesome things without no more than a twitch. It's a fantastic thing to see as this meticulous killer goes through the process of uncovering facts and hunting down his target.

As Wolff protects Dana Cummings, played by Anna Kendrick, from the mysterious boss which they end up running from, the stakes become bigger.

Kendrick is great as the awkward young financial analyst, but next to Affleck she just seems too young. Her acting is comical and she is able to bring some character to the story.

The slow pace of the movie is made tolerable by some incredible action scenes which breaks the tension, then theres some heavy dramatic scenes and then some comedy which all combine well and progress the story.

The story starts with what seems like a superhero back story and goes from there. The intensity of the character and story stays almost constant throughout.

The ending brings even more to the story with a great battle scene which peaks at such an unexpected point, but it ends abruptly with a rewarding conclusion

I give this action movie 4 out of 5 Popcorns. The story is fantastic, well developed, well paced, logically assembled and grabs the audience attention pulling them in slowly but surely to a great ending. Ben Affleck does a phenomenal job and although Anna Kendrick is great as the awkward comedy relief but she is confusing at points due to the role she is playing along side Affleck. The ending is one of the most interesting parts to the movie with the brilliant twist.

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