47th International Film Festival of India Becomes First Platform to Debut QUBE WIRE Distribution Service

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Latest digital offering from Qube Cinema 
to manage distribution of movies screening 
at the region’s largest film festival

Qube Wire, the newly launched digital cinema distribution service from Qube Cinema, has announced its partnership with the 47th International Film Festival of India (IFFI), taking place in Goa between Nov. 20 to 28. 

As a prelude to the international roll-out of the service, which aims to eliminate the outdated process of physical Digital Cinema Package (DCP) transportation, Qube Wire will act as the official distribution partner for the festival.

Engaged by IFFI, the Qube Wire platform will debut its dedicated festival module, managing the Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) and Key Delivery Messages (KDMs) of screenings at the event. 

Eliminating the risk of problematic drive failures and corrupted content associated with the physical transit of product, this year the digital platform will act as a centrally operated hub for all content, transforming the distribution process and ensuring KDMs are targeted to the correct screens. 

Following the festival, Qube Wire will optionally retain content on the platform so content owners can transfer titles to any other festival or distributor in future, simply by assigning additional KDMs.

Launched at this year’s American Film Market, Qube Wire is a unique service offering filmmakers online access to over 130,000 screens around the world that are reachable via the platform, built through partnerships with key international digital cinema companies. 

Through a highly secure web interface with award-winning security architecture utilizing Thales Hardware Security Modules [HSMs], the new platform offers unmatched protection, and allows filmmakers to quickly generate as many KDMs as required for their encrypted DCPs.
Rajesh Ramachandran, President of Qube Cinema, said, “The International Film Festival of India has grown over the past several years to become a formidable force in the region’s cultural landscape today, and a voice of authority on Indian cinema. In nurturing new innovations, talents, technologies and cultures globally, the Festival shares a vision with Qube Wire as we aim to strengthen the relationship between filmmakers internationally, and offer unique services to aid the distribution of product to the far corners of our industry. As a brand founded in India, we are proud to reaffirm our support of the region’s cinema at such a prestigious platform and are hopeful that we can continue to connect filmmakers and festivals globally in the future.”
“The Directorate of Film Festivals respects the creativity of all filmmakers and strongly supports any technology and procedures which help film distribution. We are happy to have Qube Wire on board as a technical partner for the 47th International Film Festival of India,” C. Senthil Rajan, Director, IFFI, said.
The International Film Festival of India has become a key destination for Indian and international filmmakers and talents working to showcase their projects to an international audience. 

The festival aims to provide a common platform for the cinemas of the world to project the excellence of film; contributing to the understanding and appreciation of film cultures of different nations in the context of their social and cultural ethos.

About Qube Cinema:
Qube Cinema is a leading international manufacturer and provider of end-to-end digital cinema technology and mastering solutions. Qube Cinema draws on decades of experience in cinema and provides a seamless digital environment for exhibitors, filmmakers and post-production companies with DCI-compliant products that are flexible, reliable and highly cost-effective.

For further information, visit qubecinema.com

About Qube Wire:

Qube Wire is a path-breaking online digital cinema key management and distribution service from Qube Cinema, Inc. – a pioneer of end-to-end digital cinema and mastering solutions.

Revolutionizing relationships between producers and distributors and aiming to eliminate the outdated process of physically transporting DCP’s globally, Qube Wire offers filmmakers access to over 130,000 screens around the world, built through partnerships with key digital cinema companies. Efficiently allowing users to manage content through a secure web interface, the patent-pending technology centrally manages data flow to ensure quick, cost-effective delivery of content; removes pain points of KDM management and DCP duplication; assigns movie rights to territories globally; and enforces multi-level approvals for KDM requests.

To sign up for the Qube Wire service, visit: qubewire.com

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