Código 1530 Introduces Its TEQUILA PRIVADO

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Generations - Old Private Family Recipe Shared 
with World for First Time

Though it has been a closely-guarded secret among Mexico's most respected families and Los Bajos' finest jimadors for generations, a previously nameless, private label Tequila is being shared with the world for the very first time as Código 1530. 

Fondly dubbed El Tequila Privado, "the private Tequila," by family and friends, Código 1530 includes a Blanco, Reposado, Añejo and "Origen," an Extra Añejo Tequila. Código 1530 has enjoyed successful launches in Texas, Tenn., Colo., and Calif., through partnerships with prominent distributors, including Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits and Best Brands. 

The company will continue to roll out Código 1530 to additional states in 2017.

CEO & Co-Founder Federico "Fede" Vaughan has long been the custodian of Código 1530 Tequila, a private recipe made by a dedicated, multi-generational family of Tequila makers, which he has enthusiastically shared to the delight of his close circle of friends at his home in Cabo San Lucas. 

Together with Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Ron Snyder, a longtime friend and seasoned business executive, they are leading the effort to bring Código 1530 to the market commercially for the very first time. 

In addition to Vaughan and Snyder, many of their friends, with whom they have shared El Tequila Privado, have asked to join the brand in its launch effort as well. 

In addition to serving as original investors, many of these friends, including country music icon George Strait, have been working hard to introduce Código 1530 to their friends, family and networks as the brand is unveiled.

Every drop of Código 1530 has been perfected over many generations the way one would a homemade recipe (El Tequila Privado), embracing time-honored customs and honoring the traditions of the Los Bajos region and the town of Amatitán, the birthplace of Tequila. 

The Tequila begins with fully-matured agave aged seven to ten years, which is cooked in stainless steel ovens, fermented utilizing an organic family baker's yeast in Amatitán, and distilled twice in stills handmade by the distilling family themselves. 

The Blanco is perfected over a lengthy, 17-day process. The rested Tequilas are meticulously aged to taste in French White Oak red wine barrels procured from the Napa Valley, which helps ensure that each and every barrel is worthy of bearing the Código 1530 name.

All Código 1530 Tequila expressions are made from 100% Blue Weber agave and are bottled at 40% ABV. 

Blanco ($49) is an unrested Tequila, which best reflects the true natural taste of the Tequila's storied terroir. 

Reposado ($69) is aged six months, and Añejo ($119) is aged for 18 months, and has already been lauded among spirits aficionados. 

Código 1530 "Origen" ($249) is an Extra Añejo tequila aged for six years, making it one of the oldest Extra Añejos on the market. 

Its complex flavor profile – developed with great care over time – combines the refined palate of an aged tequila with many of the tasting notes typically found in aged whiskeys and fine Cognacs. 

And though they are quietly rolling out in select markets, the brand has already earned a collection of accolades, taking home marquee awards in two major tasting competitions so far this year: the 2016 SIP Awards (Best in Class, Añejo), and the 2016 New York Wine & Spirits Competition (Añejo of the Year).

Each bottle of Código 1530 is carefully hand-filled and packaged in a 750ml bottle of bubbled glass, artfully raised to bear the region's symbolic Jerusalem Cross on its shoulder and branded in its base. 

This iconic cross sits atop the Jalisco Coat of Arms and dates back to 1530 when, after colonial struggle, Amatitán was officially recognized as a city of New Galencia and Jalisco was given a coat of arms by the Spanish monarchy, which was anchored by the Jerusalem Cross. Código 1530's name honors "Los Códigos," the old world codes and customs that shaped and still live on in Amatitán and the Los Bajos region to this day. 

These values are at the core of the regal families that served this Tequila in their homes and the artisan distilling family that has been perfecting their private Tequila recipe over five generations.

To learn more about our tequila, or for more information, visit codigo1530.com and witness the brand story first-hand through its social channels: Twitter (@Codigo1530), Instagram (@Codigo1530) and Facebook (facebook.com/codigo1530).

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