Dr. Contino Opens a Portal to the Dark World of Crimes

10:30 AM

Crime-themed stories deliver suspense that makes readers stay at the edge of their seats

Dr. Rosalie H. Contino’s mystery and thriller novel “Underground Stories” brings to life one’s worst nightmare. 

The book is a collection of crime tales authored by different people.

Adding chill to the stories, authors explore different time settings for each story. 

Some stories are set in the past, others are situated in present, and there is one that foretells the time of machine-controlled community.
Contino said, “The main theme of the book is crime. Therefore, you can read real crime stories, crime drama, political suspense, prison tales, and other edgy stories. So, brace yourself as you enter the dark world of transgressions.”
Republished under LitFire Publishing, “Underground Stories”has been featured in international bookfairs, including Guadalajara International Book Fair in 2015, Tucson Festival of Books, Bologna Children’s Book Fair, London Book Fair, and BookExpo America in 2016.

“Underground Stories”
Written by Rosalie H. Contino, PhD
Paperback | $7.99
Book copies are available at litfirepublishing.com, amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and other online retail stores.

About the Author
A writer, playwright, lecturer, and costume designer, Dr. Rosalie H. Contino was born, raised, and still lives in Brooklyn, New York. She attended Fordham University, where she received her bachelor’s degree in elementary school. After college, Rosalie taught grammar in Fort Greene before she transferred to teach English in Sheepshead Bay. She earned an MA and a PhD in educational theater at New York University.

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