Gaming Alert: Nutaku to launch first-ever English version of popular RPG X-Overd

2:08 PM

Online adult gaming platform Nutaku will launch X-Overd, the popular Japanese browser-based role-playing game (RPG), on Nov. 24 for the first time in English on its platform.

X-Overd is a large-scale, rich story-based traditional fantasy RPG which unfolds through stimulating battles.

It is a turn based action game that takes place in various dungeons across multiple kingdoms.

Link to Pre-Register:

In the world of Lunartis mysterious portals to other worlds known as "Gates" can be found. 

Eons ago, humankind lived in an era of prosperity through the appearance of
the strangers from the Gates and the unknown technology they brought with them. 

However, at the zenith of the ancient civilization a sudden Catastrophe appeared from the Gate leading to their unfortunate demise.

Fast forward to the present: humankind has inherited the airships and what little magic is left of the past and live modestly in peace within a world divided into 3 great lands. 

Memories of not only their prosperous civilization but also their deplorable past have begun to fade. 

They have not yet noticed the return of the elements of destruction responsible for the first Catastrophe.

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