Gay Holiday Comedy SHARED ROOMS out on DVD, VOD via Wolfe Video

10:45 AM

This new romantic comedy brings together three interrelated tales of gay men seeking family, love and sex during the holiday season.

Married couple Laslo and Cal unexpectedly take in a gay teen relative who's been kicked out of his home; Sid and Gray have a casual online hookup which unexpectedly deepens; and roommates Julian and Dylan confront their secret mutual attraction when forced to share a bed for a week. 

At a New Year's Eve party, these stories come together in a heartwarming and joyous ending.
Accomplished filmmakers Rob Williams and his partner Rodney Johnson (makers of the gay holiday hit Make The Yuletide Gay) have created a crowd pleasing gay holiday comedy, starring a sexy ensemble cast, and set in the hip Los Angeles enclave of Silverlake. 

This is their eighth feature film.
Said Williams, "I believe in the power of film, and especially, the power of gay films. We can show people who don't get to be out and open in their daily lives that it's possible to find true love, that it's possible to find an accepting family, and that it's possible to be gay and be happy. I hope that in creating a world where men find love and family - even if it's just a movie - we can inspire people to look for the positive things in life and to welcome love in whatever form it comes."

DVD & VOD release Nov, 15

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