Gift Ideas: Creator of Saved by the Bell Releases Entertaining New Book Bell Fans Will Love

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Thanksgiving makes it official: the holidays are right around the corner.

This weekend begins the shopping frenzy, and here's the perfect gift suggestion for those who love pop culture and love to read.

Renowned producer and creator of the fan favorite show "Saved by the Bell" Peter Engel has just released the new book "I Was Saved by the Bell: Stories of Life, Love, and Dreams That Do Come True."

In his entertaining memoir, Engel opens up for the first time about his life, from personal and professional highlights to the serious challenges that shaped him.

He offers behind the scenes glimpses to his work – which includes "Saved by the Bell" and other hit shows such as "Last Comic Standing," "California Dreams," "Hang Time," "City Guys," and more –that are sure to delight longtime Bell fans, as well as those who appreciate '90s nostalgia.

Like comfort food in book form, "I Was Saved by the Bell" makes the perfect addition to this year’s holiday gift guide.

Peter Engel, one of the most prolific producers in television with more than 1,000 episodes produced under his banner, single handedly created the teen sitcom with "Saved By The Bell," which he executive produced through all of its many incarnations, and which led to his many other teen series, including "California Dreams," "Hang Time," "City Guys," and "USA High." 

As if defining and conquering the teen arena wasn't enough, Engel produced the iconic "Last Comic Standing," enabling the discovery of an entirely new, fresh generation of comedians.

All of this would be more of a career than any producer could ever dream of having, and with more than 50 years in the television industry, Engel has forgotten more than most will ever know. 

Engel’s life and work touched and inspired an entire “Bell” generation, whose values and views of a diverse world were shaped by the stories and plain old fun of Peter’s shows.

"I Was Saved by the Bell" can be purchased from Amazon,, and through all major booksellers.

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