Gift Ideas: Monster Audio Products for Commuters, Students, Travelers

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ClarityHD High-Definition Headphones

Monster believes that you deserve better than what’s in the box. 

Featuring Monster Performance for Less, this sleek low-profile modern design and texture, these technology and feature-packed headphones are the perfect gift for students and commuters.

Monster believes that consumers deserve better and designed these headphones for consumers who typically use the earbuds that come with their devices. 

ClarityHD feature industry-leading sound and flexible listening options.

Available at Walmart, and
ClarityHD In-Ear – Wired (SRP: $34.95)
Great Stocking Stuffer

  • Advanced construction with reinforcement at critical stress points
  • Ergonomically designed, with multiple ear tips for a better fit
  • Premium sound quality at an incredible value
  • Superior noise isolation
  • Flat, tangle-resistant cable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Low-profile right-angle connector
ClarityHD In-Ear – Wireless - Best wireless in-ear headphone less than $100 (SRP: $69.95)

  • In-line mic for clearer phone calls, and music control
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Innovative battery design for 8+ hours of listening

ClarityHD On-Ear – Best Wireless Headphone for less than $200 (SRP: $179.95)

  • Two sound profiles (natural and super dynamic)
  • Ultra-soft ear cushions, and a concealed adjustable headband with non-slip silicon
  • Cutting-edge swipe controls for play/pause, tracking and volume functions.
  • Built-in high-intelligibility mics and Active Echo Suppression enable crystal clear calls
  • Battery power voice prompts—“high battery,” “medium battery” and “low battery”— and an LED indicator alert users when it is time for a charge

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