Jacob Whitesides Offers Unique Virtual Reality Experience For His Fans

10:30 AM

Interactive Experience Created by VRTIFY, 
the World's First Virtual and Mixed Reality Music Platform

Rising singer-songwriter Jacob Whitesides and VRTIFY, the world's first virtual and mixed reality music platform, announced that they have created the first-ever channel that will deliver exclusive songs, video and live streaming virtual reality content for fans worldwide to experience Whitesides' music in a truly unique and interactive way.

For a fully immersive VR experience, fans can connect to Whitesides music by downloading the JW app for free at JWAppStore and JWGooglePlay to access the exclusive VR content or they can view it at vrtify.com/jacob and watch a unique 360 multi-camera live streaming.
"I'm excited to provide my fans with the world's first fully immersive VR journey," Jacob Whitesides said. "Just when they thought they couldn't get any closer, my fans will now be able to have a deeper connection to me and my music."
Fans who own Google cardboard or other VR headsets, will be able to access JW channel and the following exclusive content:

Live Streaming: Attend the exclusive LIVE VR concert at the Log Cabin recording studio at 4:00 p.m. EST time on Nov. 13 and enjoy it from a variety of camera angles, even backstage from anywhere using your VR device.

Promotion Single: Listen to new songs "Open Book" and "Focus" in an all-new VR experience.

Jacobs VR Videos: Access to exclusive fully-immersed VR content like the "Behind the Scenes" or "Meet and Greet" videos.

Jacob and VRTIFY will debut this groundbreaking technology during his 19th birthday celebration at The Log Cabin in New York City on Nov. 13 at 4:00 p.m. EST. 

New York City area fans in attendance will be treated to an acoustic performance, meet and greet, and photos with Jacob. 

Tickets for Jacob's 19th birthday party will be available at JacobWhitesides.com.

VRTIFY® is the world's first virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality music platform that reinvents how users experience music. Through its immersive technology, VRTIFY listeners can get a front row seat at concerts and recitals, explore partner channels with exclusive content, or simply pick from any music source such as personal playlists, music files and like platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud®, Deezer®, YouTube, as well as radio stations and MP3 files.

About Jacob Whitesides
Jacob Whitesides has built an artist identity and brand as his own singer/songwriter and thought leader, alongside his ever-growing worldwide fan base. From being his own CEO (Double U Records, partnered with BMG) to creating unique fan interactions, live experiences & contests - Jacob, at 18, is challenging the music business as we know it.

Jacob and his younger sister were raised in humble upbringings by his strong, selfless mother in the smoky mountains outside of Knoxville, Tennessee. After learning guitar at a young age and honing his vocal skills, Jacob started winning over fans with cover videos and, soon after, his original songs. Jacob's undeniable talent, entrepreneurial skills, along with a genuinely devoted dialogue with his zealous fan base (aka Whitesiders), have led him to unprecedented independent success, including writing and recording two chart-topping EPs. Jacob's impressive social media numbers are not solely from one platform, but all of them and they continue to grow organically around the globe (2 million Twitter followers, 1.6 million Facebook likes, 1.3 million Instagram followers, and 366K YouTube subscribers with over 15 million views). His international fan base spans beyond North America to everywhere from the Philippines to Portugal, Scandinavia to South America, UK to Lebanon, Europe to Australasia, and more. Jacob's first ever European tour (Copenhagen, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Cologne, Paris, Antwerp, and London) sold out all dates, with London and Paris declared SOLD OUT in only 8 minutes.

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