J!NX Unveils Two New Brands For Gamers

10:20 AM

New J!NX Brand and J!NX Pro Lines Announced 
to Create the Official Styles for Everyday 
and Performance Apparel in Gaming

Jinx Inc. (stylized J!NX) has announced two new lines of apparel for gamers coming this fall: the J!NX Brand, a collection of core clothing featuring comfortable fits and soft fabrics inspired by the upbeat and relaxed attitude of gaming and J!NX Pro, an original label catering specifically to professional gamers and esports enthusiasts. 

Both lines build upon J!NX's standing as a leading designer and provider of high-quality gaming lifestyle goods online and at retail. 

Drawing from this experience, both the J!NX Brand and J!NX Pro lines offer consumers a means of paying tribute to not just one particular video game license, but rather gaming culture as a whole.
"J!NX was created to celebrate gaming culture and lifestyle. Video games are not just something we do, they are woven into who we are," Sean Gailey, J!NX co-founder and CEO, said. "That passion and expertise uniquely positions us to establish the J!NX Brand and J!NX Pro lines as the gold standard for core and competitive gaming apparel at an unprecedented scale."
The new J!NX Pro line combines high-performance fits and fabrics with the utmost regard for form and feel to convey the dedicated look of professionalism that competitive teams expect. 

Maintaining focus while playing to win requires comfort and confidence. 

J!NX's designs utilize true-to-size fits, top-grade moisture-wicking materials and fashion-forward styles on par with those of mainstream sports.
"It's striking how underserviced professional esports players are compared to their counterparts in the NBA or NFL in terms of professional-grade performance wear," John Nite, J!NX's new vice president of creative/product and a former design director at Under Armour, said. "The J!NX Pro line is a direct response to that, with high-quality styles designed with pro gamers' unique needs and tastes at heart."
The first official J!NX Brand and J!NX Pro offerings of t-shirts, jerseys, joggers, hoodies and hats will be available online at JINX.com beginning Nov. 14, 2016 with plans to expand to brick-and-mortar retail in Fall 2017.

About J!NX
J!NX, a leader in gaming products, currently produces apparel, toys and accessories for some of the world's largest video game licenses. The company has been rapidly expanding in the gaming market since being founded in 1999.

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