Lamb of God's THE DUKE EP In Stores Now

12:54 AM

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Charity Campaign Raises More Than $10,000 
in One Week

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Support LAMB OF GOD's Charity Campaign Here:

LAMB OF GOD's brand new EP "The Duke" Released via Epic Records. 

"The Duke" EP is titled after the first single, "The Duke", written in honor of the band's late friend and fan, Wayne Ford, who was named after "The Duke" John Wayne. 

You can stream the entire EP today via Spotify.

Order The Duke EP (vinyl out Nov. 25):
Amazon - Digital/CD/Vinyl:
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The Duke EP Track List:
  1. The Duke
  2. Culling
  3. Still Echoes - live from Rock am Ring
  4. 512 - live from Bonnaroo
  5. Engage the Fear Machine - live from Bonnaroo
Within the first week of launching their charity campaign created in conjunction with "The Duke" EP, LAMB OF GOD raised over $10,000 in proceeds to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS.ORG).

You can still support the charity campaign at, where the following items are being offered:
  • Randy Blythe's Ashes of the Wake gold record plaque
  • Signed signature model guitars
  • Signed copies of handwritten lyrics
  • Signed copies of The Duke EP on CD
  • Signed copies of The Duke EP on Vinyl
  • Signed copies of Randy Blythe's book
  • Pair of Chris Adler Pro-Mark Drum Sticks Signed by Chris
  • Signed Drum Head 
**Contributors who give $5 or more will automatically be entered to win Randy Blythe's Ashes of the Wake gold record plaque.

At, you can also contribute to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society without receiving a reward.

Randy Blythe (vocals)
Mark Morton (guitar)
Willie Adler (guitar)
John Campbell (bass)
Chris Adler (drums)


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