Leon Speakers Announces Tonecase for SONOS

12:18 AM

Handcrafted, Custom Design Solutions 
Integrate SONOS Speakers into any Room

Leon Speakers, the leader in handcrafted, custom design solutions for audio and video, announces the introduction of Tonecase™, a line of fully customizable solutions to enhance the entire line of SONOS speakers including PLAY:1®, PLAY:3®, PLAY:5® and PLAYBAR®.

The Tonecase product line brings Leon's expert craftsmanship and tailored design sensibility to consumers and integrators with the Tonecase Hardwood Cabinet for SONOS speakers and the Tonecase FIT mounting system for SONOS PLAYBAR.

Since the late 1940s and 50s, consumers have sought solutions to conceal their media equipment—televisions, speakers, record players and more.

Brands like Magnavox and Claritone transformed spaces in the 1960s and 70s with their media cabinets that integrated speakers and record players, while complimenting beautiful spaces and different aesthetics.

In recent decades, however, as the technology industry evolved, consumers moved away from furniture with music or audio integration.

With a renewed focus on American-made products, and a growing global interest in home design, Leon is poised to enter the living space with more everyday products and solutions that mix performance and style.
"Our Tonecase Hardwood Cabinets mix art with audio and design with technology," Noah Kaplan, founder of Leon Speakers, said. "We buy cell phones and then we purchase cases that reflect our personal style. Our Tonecase cabinets offer consumers a similar level of style and customization, perfectly tailored for their SONOS speakers."
Leon's Tonecase Hardwood Cabinets are meticulously handcrafted in the United States from authentic, all-American solid hardwoods such as white oak and black walnut.

The cabinets are currently available in three sizes, built specifically for the SONOS PLAY:1, PLAY:3 and PLAY:5. Engineered to house the SONOS speakers, the cabinets allow access to all controls and wire management for ease of use and accessibility.
"SONOS already provides an outstanding audio experience," Kaplan said. "Leon's Tonecase products allow the user to personalize their SONOS speaker and enhance the tonal quality—we want to make great sound even better."
The SONOS PLAYBAR, widely used to deliver wireless, "Plug-and-Play" soundbar solutions, inspired Leon's Tonecase FIT Mounting System(TcFIT).
"We worked with our dealer partners to develop a mounting system for the SONOS Playbar, completely sourced and crafted in America. The bracket mounts the PLAYBAR to the TV, while a grill covering is custom crafted to match the width of the display. This unified look seamlessly integrates the soundbar into any room," Kaplan said. 
Leon's Tonecase FIT Mounting System attaches the PLAYBAR directly to the TV with multiple points of articulation, enabling the sound to move in concert with the display.

Each system is then outfitted with a customized grill that is built to match the exact width of any TV.

This approach visually integrates the PLAYBAR with the display, delivering on Leon's promise of Picture Perfect Sound®.
"At Leon, we create custom design solutions that can perfectly complement any space. With the Tonecase line, we offer consumers a custom look, while maintaining the excellent sound experience from SONOS," Kaplan said. 
The Tonecase FIT Mounting System for PLAYBAR retails at $595 (TcFIT) and ships with a hand-stretched, custom-width grill.

It is also available without the grill (TcUMB) for $395.

The Tonecase FIT Mounting System for PLAYBAR is available through Leon's worldwide dealer network. To find an Authorized Dealer in the US, visit leosnpeakers.com/retail-locator.

The Tonecase Hardwood Cabinets, Tc1S, Tc3S and Tc5S, retail for $249/ea, $295/ea and $395/ea respectively, available in White Oak, Black Walnut, or black or white painted oak.

The Tonecase Hardwood Cabinets are available for purchase at leonspeakers.com.

About Leon Speakers
Leon Speakers is an American manufacturer of custom audio and audiovisual solutions that combine art with audio and design with technology. Established in 1997, Leon's team of artists, designers, engineers, and craftsmen meticulously handcraft a full palette of custom speakers and media treatments that deliver Picture Perfect Sound® to any environment. Leon products are available exclusively at high-end audio/video dealers. Visit leonspeakers.com or call 1.888.213.5015 to find dealer locations worldwide.

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