LOTTIE&MOLL® Goes Online

10:00 AM

A Small, Family run Fashion Brand Tackles the Online Market 

LOTTIE&MOLL® started as the vision of a married couple with a collective of 80 years experience in the fashion industry. 

From a few wholesale accounts LOTTIE&MOLL® has grown organically to being stocked in 130 stores in every corner of the UK and, as of this month, their brand is now online - so the LOTTIE&MOLL® fashion experience can be felt on a grander scale. 

Customers can now enjoy their garments wherever they live, just at the click of a button.

Since the summer, our small, closely-knit team have been working tirelessly in order to launch their new, and very pink, website. 

They have been learning, creating and tackling new ventures in social media marketing, product photography and building customer relationships, all alongside their already well-established wholesale business. 

Run entirely from their home in Cheltenham their daughter, a 21-year-old UCL graduate, has taken the reigns in managing the online content and administrating the website as her first graduate job - creating a passionate family-run business built on hard-work and big dreams.

After embarking on an unknown adventure to the streets of Italy, Jeni and Sukhy scrambled together their first LOTTIE&MOLL® collection in 2014. 

They were inspired by real women living, working and wearing clothes they look and feel great in. 

From their humble beginnings, their new Autumn/ Winter 2016 collection is now their largest yet, with more than 45 styles available in a wide spectrum of colours - hand-picked and expertly crafted with real women in mind. 

They strive to create easy-to-wear and effortlessly stylish garments which ooze originality and are affordable. 

Their fluid pieces consist of fiercely unique cuts, patterns and designs which fit a spectrum of womanly sizes and shapes.

LOTTIE&MOLL® is a start-up fashion brand based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Founded in 2014 LOTTIE&MOLL® have collaborated, produced and distributed 5 seasonal collections to 130 wholesale accounts around the UK.

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