New documentary on World Champion Chess prodigy, MAGNUS Opening in LA Nov. 25

3:04 PM

M A G N U S 
Directed by Benjamin Ree

Los Angeles on Nov. 25 
Exclusively at Laemmle Music Hall

Available on VOD NOVEMBER 25 
on all platforms

Opening New York on Nov. 18 
at Village East Cinema

How would you react if you discovered that your child – who is often lost in their own thoughts and disconnected from other children – is actually one of the greatest minds of their time?

As a young boy, Magnus Carlsen was very different from his peers. 

Bullied by the other children, he usually sat by himself, lost in thought. But when a strong interest in numbers led him to the game of chess at the age of 5, he quickly started to climb the ranks of the chess world. At 13, he decided that he would become the World Chess Champion.

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