NY Times-praised series THE BENEFITS OF GUSBANDRY streaming on Amazon Prime Video, crowdfunding for new episodes

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Seed & Spark crowdfunding campaign: seedandspark.com/fund/benefits-gusbandry#wishlist
Stream episodes 1-7 on Amazon Prime Video: amzn.to/2fe4AqO
"This series by Alicia J. Rose... works the straight-gay friendship thing deliciously, thanks to sharp writing and spirited performances by Brooke Totman and Kurt Conroyd."
"With a mordant wit and natural, lived-in performances, it combines the easygoing charm of shows like Master Of None with the dark humor and outsized personality of You’re The Worst."
“The hilarious, irreverent show about stoners in their 40’s that we’ve been waiting for.”
On Nov. 15, the New York Times-praised comedy series "The Benefits of Gusbandry" became available to stream on Amazon Prime Video in conjunction with the announcement of a Seed & Spark crowdfunding campaign for 3 brand-new episodes.

Inspired by creator Alicia J. Rose’s real-life relationships with her own “gusbands” (a.k.a: gay best friends), “The Benefits of Gusbandry” follows serial relationship-killer Jackie and charming yet single River as they navigate the modern world and find true love in a most unexpectedly platonic way. 

Their new kind of significant otherness unfolds over the seven-episode first season that covers dating, babies, parents and a few pot cookies, earning recognition from Best of Portland (Winner, Best Local Web Series 2016) and the Austin Film Festival (Finalist, Digital Series Competition).
“'The Benefits of Gusbandry' proves what’s possible with Seed&Spark. Alicia built an audience, raised the capital to bring the story to life, and then returned to distribute the first season to that audience and begin work on season two,” Emily Best, founder and CEO of Seed&Spark, said. “Alicia doesn't have to ask anyone for permission. She has taken charge of a story she cares about and has delivered an exceptional experience to her audience."
Production of season one crowdfunded on Seed&Spark in July 2015, and the campaign to raise $25,000 to start production for season two begins Nov. 15, 2016 at seedandspark.com/fund/benefits-gusbandry.
"Traveling to film festivals in the South with season one showed me that Gusbandry's version of 'normal' is still a hard fought battle in process for much of the country,” Rose said.
"The Benefits of Gusbandry" is filmed on location in Portland, Oregon and produced by Lara Cuddy (Deep Dark, Birds of Neptune, Combat Report).

About Seed&Spark
Seed&Spark is revolutionizing entertainment for a more inclusive world. It leverages streaming and crowdfunding within one platform, where filmmakers can build careers and audiences can watch and support the most exciting new independent films and series available.


About Alicia J. Rose, Creator/Showrunner:
Known for imbuing riveting story structures and a compelling visual aesthetic into her body of work, Alicia has created popular music videos for national artists like First Aid Kit, Cake and Bob Mould as well as playing a key role in branding NW bands like The Decemberists, Menomena and Laura Gibson. Rose has directed many short-form commercial/corporate videos, over 24 music videos and completed her first narrative short “The Gift of Gravity” in 2014 which was well received on the festival circuit (New Orleans Film Festival 2014, PowFest 2014, PDXFF 2014). She is an award-winning still photographer who spent 20 years in the music business doing marketing and sales before turning her eye to filmmaking in 2008.


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