SECOND NATURE Trailer, Poster

12:50 AM

Second Nature set for world premiere 
at Napa Valley Film Festival

What if women and men... FLIPPED?

One woman fighting the odds. 

One womanizer on a winning ticket. 

One magic mirror to turn it all around.

Gender behavior is flipped when magic dusts over Sam Huntington (Sully, Superman Returns) and Collette Wolf (Hot Tub Time Machine, Interstellar) in the hilarious new comedy "Second Nature."

Upon the sudden death of a local politician, Amanda (Wolfe) and Bret (Huntington) both jump at the chance to run for mayor, but the two former classmates have very different ideas about how to run their small town. 

Amanda hopes to protect her frail grandmother and others in need. 

Bret, on the other hand, has a pro strip club agenda and is backed by the corrupt and inept city council. 

Their worlds are flipped around when Bret snatches an antique, magic mirror from Amanda’s hands during a heated argument. 

In the small town of Louisburg, the most unusual mayor’s race is about to go down.
"Second Nature" is Seattle filmmaker Michael Cross’ directing debut. 

Produced by Nicholas Gyeney under his Seattle-based production banner Mirror Images LTD (Beta Test, Matt's Chance, The Penitent Man). 

It will have its world premiere at the Napa Valley Film Festival on Nov. 10. 

The film is expected to be released wide in 2017.

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