Tech gift for her

1:54 AM

With the holiday season upon us here is some information on a perfect gift for the perfect woman in your life. 

Yatra is sweeping the nation with their cutting edge and stylish Music Muffs

Enjoy walking in a winter wonderland this holiday season while listening to your favorite tunes. 

The first of its kind, Yatra’s Music Muffs are equipped with cutting edge audio technology. 

Each wearer is able to answer phone calls, adjust volume, and shuffle through playlists with the touch of a button, keeping your hands warmly tucked in your gloves.

Offered in a variety of fashionable styles, you are sure to find one that any woman in your life would love. Each pair is made of soft, premium faux fur, with a relaxed, adjustable fit, and a durable nylon braided cable make braving the cold winter air more tolerable.

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