The Narrative Premiere New Song REASON TO LEAVE

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The Narrative premieres their new song "Reason To Leave" on Glide Magazine. 

The song is taken from their highly anticipated new album Golden Silence, which will be released on Dec. 2.

Fans can stream the song now at this link:
The band said, "'Reason to Leave' is a song about the hypocrisies and double standards of US immigration policies. Set to a lush orchestral instrumental backdrop, the song waxes and wanes through moments of both calm resolution and subtle chaos. It's the ninth track from The Narrative's upcoming sophomore LP, Golden Silence, which is currently available for pre-order on iTunes with an official release date of Dec. 2."
The aptly named album Golden Silence comes four years after just that - silence.

The band initially set out to record an ambitious full length in a barn in upstate New York, complete with orchestral arrangements and textured foundations for many of the songs. 

Working under the budgetary confines of an independent band presented some challenges, and the project slowed down, losing steam and eventually coming to a complete halt.

The loss of momentum was toxic, leading to endless self-questioning about the band's goals, talent, and what they originally loved about being involved in music.

Born and bred on Long Island, NY, the band has recently relocated to Nashville, TN, armed with a new ideology and prepared to finally release the long-delayed record.

Golden Silence is an album about discovering hard truths in life, told through the lenses of the band's interpersonal relationships, individual experiences, and relationships with the outside world. 

The themes on the album range from broader topics such as societal values, to much more intimate subjects like the band's relationships with their own music.

No matter where they go, Suzie Zeldin and Jesse Gabriel of The Narrative, seem destined to create music together.

Golden Silence is set to be released on Dec. 2. 

More new music from the band will be released soon. 

Fans can check out their previously released new song "California Sun" on The Narrative's website

The duo had their Nashville debut with "No Country for New Nashville" at Acme Feed and Seed and are excited to be doing more in the Nashville area in the coming months.

Golden Silence Track Listing:
  1. Moving Out
  2. Chasing A Feeling
  3. Already Changed
  4. Toe The Line
  5. Oklahoma Air 
  6. I Can Make A Mess
  7. California Sun
  8. Home
  9. Reason To Leave
  10. Suburbs 
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