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Earlier this summer Drowners was kind enough to get Baeble's Bands + Brews Sessions moving and grooving, working their way through an ecstatic set of songs from their new album "On Desire" as well as their 2014, self-titled debut. 

It was an amazing show that almost didn't happen. 

As is custom for most of Baeble's outdoor events, a wicked storm moved through Brooklyn that sent bandmembers, production personnel and Baeble employees scrambling, all eventually taking shelter in our office to monitor radars and dry out.

While killing time, Matthew Hitt and Daniel Jacobs took a liking to our baby grand piano, tinkered around a bit, and had a thought. 
"When we played down for Bands + Brews and it was a huge hurricane/monsoon/rain storm we came up here and we were just jamming on the baby grand piano and it was so fun," Jacobs said. "I always wondered what it would sound like if we did a real session on one of these things."
And so Baeble's newest NEXT Session was born. 

Reconvening a couple months later, Daniel and Matthew casually stroll through four unique, candlelit (also the band's idea) reinterpretations of "Dreams Don't Count," "Troublemaker," "Pick Up The Pace" and "Human Remains." 
"Doing an acoustic session is a great way of showing the melodic side," Daniel said. "There's a song within that attitude or within that stylized thing."
It also paints the high-energy tunes Drowners generally crank out in a completely new light, one shaded by lyricism and romance, rather than punk-inspired energy.

Drowners show off the melodic song-craft that lurks behind their punk-inspired energy in this moody, candelit session at Baeble HQ. 

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