URBANGARDE celebrates the Angels and Demons of Christmas at one-man holiday concert

5:19 PM

Japanese alternative rock band URBANGARDE played equal hosts to the angels and demons in their audience at their special one-man holiday live show on Dec. 17.

In the 2-hour long performance, singer Yoko Hamasaski donned a sexy red outfit with devil horns, toted a menacing machine gun in white robes, and danced along next to fellow vocalist Temma Matsunaga’s animated coffin as the band played their recent singles including "Akumade Akuma," "Femme Fata Fantasy" and "Tokai no Alice."

The two-part show at Shibuya Ward Culture Center was divided into “devil” and “angel” segments, culminating in an audience vote to see which side won the night. 

When the devils were announced as victorious, the hall was bathed in red lights for the final songs.

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