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Exclusive Clip for FOX's 'BORDERTOWN'

6:39 PM

Series Premiere Jan. 3 @ 9:30/8:30C on FOX

Take a look at a very exclusive clip from FOX's "Bordertown" with special commentary from Lalo Alcaraz and Gustavo Arellano.

From FAMILY GUY’s Mark Hentemann comes "BORDERTOWN," a new animated comedy about two families living in a Southwest desert town on the U.S. - Mexico border.

The series takes a satirical look at the cultural shifts occurring in America, where the U.S. Census forecasts that by 2017, ethnic minorities will become the majority.

Set against this increasingly diverse backdrop, the comedy explores family, politics and everything in between with a cross-cultural wink.

"BORDERTOWN" centers on two clans: the Buckwalds and the Gonzalezes.

BUD BUCKWALD (Hank Azaria, THE SIMPSONS) is a married father of three and a Border Patrol agent who is just a tad behind the times and feels slightly threatened by the cultural changes transforming his neighborhood.

He lives next door to ERNESTO GONZALEZ (Nicholas Gonzalez, SLEEPY HOLLOW), an ambitious family man, who has been in the country less than 10 years, but is already doing better than Bud – which, it turns out, is a bit of an issue for Bud.

Bud is married to JANICE BUCKWALD (Alex Borstein, FAMILY GUY), both the wisest and most oblivious member of the family.

The Buckwald kids include BECKY (Borstein), a socially awkward, big-boned geek; SANFORD (Judah Friedlander, “30 Rock”), a loser who thinks he’s a player and GERT (Missi Pyle, “The Exes,” “Galaxy Quest”), a beauty pageant-obsessed five-year-old with a pet pig.

"BORDERTOWN" is produced by 20th Century Fox Television.

The series is created and written by Mark Hentemann. Hentemann and Seth MacFarlane (FAMILY GUY) are executive producers.

Alex Carter (FAMILY GUY) and Dan Vebber (AMERICAN DAD, “Futurama”) are co-executive producers.

Lalo Alcaraz (“La Cucaracha”) and Gustavo Arellano (“¡Ask a Mexican!”) are consulting producers.

Valentina L. Garza (THE SIMPSONS) is a supervising producer.

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