LETTERS TO NO ONE: A Creative Writing Blog Series

LETTERS TO NO ONE: A Creative Writing Blog Series
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Sep 25, 2020

Young musician Cody Newman’s vocal abilities garner praise

Written by Jesus Figueroa

@ThisFunktional of ThisFunktional.com

Fifteen-year-old Cody Newman was named one of 102.7 KIIS FM’s Next Up Artist.

The youthful Newman’s latest single “Palo Alto” just released on September 18, but she said there is still more music she has to release soon.

The natural talent is clear to those who watch her perform covers and originals on her Instagram (@CodyNewmanMusic) and YouTube (Cody Newman) live performances.

“I try to incorporate music into my everyday life, for multiple hours of the day,” Newman said. “Whether it’s listening to music, singing my favorite song in the car, or, I do alot of instagram, TikTok, or YouTube videos of me performing a song or a tidbit of a song for people online. I incorporate that into my practice”

Growing her social media is not only something that’s important to Newman for exposure, it’s a place where she can interact with fans and friends.

For Newman when people find her on social media she hopes she can provide a space where they feel they can interact and be safe.

“I try to form a connection with my fans and see what they like,” Newman said. “Most of the time, if they find me of course, we have similar interests. I try to build on that and build a small community, which eventually build I to a large community, because they will tell friends and friends of friends. It’s a really loving place where everyone feels safe.”

As with any art, putting work out for the world to critique is bound to get both positive and negative comments and a young artist who experiments with different genres, some that may not always mesh with the style fans are use to from her, may have second guess themselves in putting so much of themselves out there, but Newman has a maturity in the way she faces the criticism when putting her music out for the world.

“Well, there’s alot of people that are going to tell me that I can’t, but it’s my life,” Newman said. “That’s what I always say. As long as I am passionate about it and I feel it’s the right way to do and the right choice, I am okay with putting my music out in the world.”

Newman’s age may have some people thinking that she is too young to be in the music industry, but she believes that when it comes to creativity, age does not matter.

Taking rejection well and being able to continue to move forward regardless is trait all artists need to gain, because no matter the age, artists have turbulent times.

“So, I have had alot of people tell me no,” Newman said. “But, I also have a lot of people telling me yes. Those yeses stand out and build up my career.”

As Newman builds her music portfolio by releasing singles and EPs, as well as playing live events — such as she did for 102.7 KIIS FM in Los Angeles — she attends an Art School where she is a vocal major.

The art school is lenient on attendance or with late work when it comes helping her progress her music career.

With so much positivity around Newman, the support from family helps her continue on through her journey.

“(My parents) are extremely supportive,” Newman said. “They are with me every step of the way and they will always be.”

Watch the trailer for THE DEVIL HAS A NAME

Written by Jesus Figueroa
@ThisFunktional of ThisFunktional.com

The trailer for “The Devil has a Name” has been released during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Edward James Olmos’ latest project “The Devil has a Name,” opens in theaters, digital, and VOD on October 16.

Widowed, broke and adrift, farmer Fred Stern (David Strathairn) finds a new purpose in life when he learns that a multi-national oil company has been polluting his water. But as his crusade against the powers that be spills out of the courtroom and into his personal life, Fred must find a way to avoid the ruin of his farm, his family and his dreams. Inspired by bizarre, true events, “The Devil Has a Name” pulls back the curtain on the culture of greed that poisons Corporate America, from sea to polluted sea.

Opening In Theaters, Digital, And VOD October 16

Sep 24, 2020

Conan O’Brien celebrates Christmas on tonight’s CONAN on TBS

Written by Jesus Figueroa
@ThisFunktional of ThisFunktional.com

It’s the most wonderful time of the year...Christmas. At least it is as far as Conan O’Brien is concerned and tonight on CONAN on TBS they will be celebrating Christmas the as only O’Brien can.

The way things are going Conan isn’t sure we’ll make it to December 25, 2020 so Christmas comes early this year. Plus, Jane Lynch embraces her dark side for “The Weakest Link,” and Jane & Andy exclude Conan from his own interview.

Airs Weeknights at 11/10 C
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Sep 23, 2020

Watch clips THE ATTIC and SHAVING CREAM from family comedy THE WAR WITH GRANDPA

Written by Jesus Figueroa
@ThisFunktional of ThisFunktional.com

Two funny clips — “The Attic” and “Shaving cream” — are available to watch from 101 Studios and Brookdale Studios family comedy “The war with grandpa,” in theaters October 9.

“The Attic” showcases the young talent in the movie while “Shaving Cream” show cases the older actors.

Sixth-grader Peter (Oakes Fegley) is pretty much your average kid-he likes gaming, hanging with his friends and his beloved pair of Air Jordans. But when his recently widowed grandfather Ed (Robert De Niro) moves in with Peter's family, the boy is forced to give up his most prized possession of all, his bedroom. Unwilling to let such an injustice stand, Peter devises a series of increasingly elaborate pranks to drive out the interloper, but Grandpa Ed won't go without a fight. Soon, the friendly combatants are engaged in an all-out war with side-splitting consequences. Based on the award-winning book by Robert Kimmel Smith, THE WAR WITH GRANDPA also stars Christopher Walken, Uma Thurman, Rob Riggle, Cheech Marin, Laura Marano and Jane Seymour.


In Theaters October 9

Watch the trailer for comedy series DE BRUTAS, NADA

Written by Jesus Figueroa
@ThisFunktional of ThisFunktional.com

Watch this hilarious trailer for the Pantaya Spanish comedy series “De Brutas, Nada,” premiering on Pantaya September 24, with all episodes available to binge watch October 8.

This fantastic comedy has some incredible talent including Tessa Ía, Christian Vázquez, Marimar Vega, Diana Bovio, Carolina Ramírez, Oswaldo Zárate, José Pablo Minor, and Julián Román. 

Based in contemporary Mexico City, this crossover series focuses on a group of six sophisticated close friends that navigate through every life experience imaginable together: love, lies, heartbreak, marriage, divorce, kids, career, job loss, fights, break-ups, and unbreakable friendships. This modern-day series features a refreshing cast that will make you both laugh, cry, and relate.

Premiering On Pantaya September 24,
All Nine Episodes Available To Binge On October 8

Watch the trailer for SOS: SURVIVE OR SACRIFICE

Written by Jesus Figueroa
@ThisFunktional of ThisFunktional.com

Watch the trailer for “SOS: SURVIVE OR SACRIFICE” from Vision Films.

This trailer shows some thrilling sequences that may capture your curiosity.

When Kate (Jeannine Kaspar) and her 13-year old little sister Liz (Kseniya Pinch) are reunited on the Mediterranean island Cyprus, Kate meets Myrianthy (Marianna Rosset) and with a group of locals agrees to an exciting ride in a hot air balloon. The joyride takes a dangerous turn when it becomes untethered and the passengers ascend without a pilot. Their cell phones out of range and the balloon running out of gas, Kate and Myrianthy begin a desperate fight for their lives as the balloon is pushed out over the open ocean. Back on land, Liz has become an unwanted "material witness" to a robbery committed by Jack (William Baldwin) who happens to be Myrianthy’s boyfriend. Matters take a dramatic twist, one that will mark their lives forever. While Liz may be their only hope of rescue, can she get to them in time?

The cast includes William Baldwin , Jeannine Kaspar, Marianna Rosset, Zach Rose, and Diljohn Singh.

Roman Doronin serves as director, working from a script he co-wrote with Marcus Jerrome. Produced by Marina Doronina, Marianna Rosset, and Vitaly Rosset and executive producer Loris Curci.

Will Release On-Demand And Digital On October 27

(Some information from press release)

Conan O’Brien to have Former First Lady Michelle Obama on CONAN tonight

Written by Jesus Figueroa
@ThisFunktional of ThisFunktional.com

Former First Lady Michelle Obama will by Conan O’Brien’s guess on TBS’ CONAN on September 23.

Michelle Obama discusses how quarantine has been going for the Obamas and why voting is important.

Airs Weeknights at 11/10 C
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Sep 21, 2020

Watch the trailer for THE CROODS: A NEW AGE

Written by Jesus Figueroa
@ThisFunktional of ThisFunktional.com

The trailer for DreamWork’s “The Croods: A New Age,” in theaters this Thanksgiving, is available to view now.

The Stone Age family is set for a new adventure which has them meet a new family that are a bit more evolved — the Betterman.

The Croods have survived their fair share of dangers and disasters, from fanged prehistoric beasts to surviving the end of the world, but now they will face their biggest challenge of all: another family.

The Croods need a new place to live. So, the first prehistoric family sets off into the world in search of a safer place to call home. When they discover an idyllic walled-in paradise that meets all their needs, they think their problems are solved … except for one thing. Another family already lives there: the Bettermans.


The Bettermans (emphasis on the “better”)—with their elaborate tree house, amazing inventions and irrigated acres of fresh produce—are a couple of steps above the Croods on the evolutionary ladder. When they take the Croods in as the world’s first houseguests, it isn’t long before tensions escalate between the cave family and the modern family.


Just when all seems lost, a new threat will propel both families on an epic adventure outside the safety of the wall, one that will force them to embrace their differences, draw strength from each other and forge a future together.

The returning voice cast includes Nicolas Cage as Grug Crood, Catherine Keener as Ugga Crood, Emma Stone as their daughter, Eep; Ryan Reynolds as Eep’s boyfriend, Guy; Clark Duke as Thunk and Cloris Leachman as Gran and they are joined by Peter Dinklage as Phil Betterman, Leslie Mann as Hope Betterman, and Kelly Marie Tran as their daughter, Dawn.

The film is directed by Joel Crawford and produced by Mark Swift.


Opens In Theaters This Thanksgiving

Sep 20, 2020

Video interview: @ThisFunktional talks with Alanna Ubach, Benjamin Levy Aguilar about FOX’ FILTHY RICH

Written by Jesus Figueroa

@ThisFunktional of ThisFunktional.com

Actors Alanna Ubach and Benjamin Levy Aguilar talk with Jesus Figueroa, @ThisFunktional of ThisFunktional.com, about their co-starring roles as Antonio, played by Aguilar, and Yopi, played by Ubach, in FOX’ new drama “Filthy Rich, premiering September 21 at 9/8 pm C on FOX.

The discussion with Ubach and Aguilar includes how their characters standout in the show and what the show has in store for audiences coming up.

Ubach shares her thoughts on how well her role was written.

Aguilar talks about how he trained Krav Maga, but with his character being part of mixed martial arts he became obsessed with MMA.

“FILTHY RICH” is a southern Gothic family soap in which wealth, power and religion collide – with outrageously soapy results. When the patriarch (Emmy Award winner Gerald McRaney, “This Is Us,” “24: Legacy”) of a mega-rich Southern family, famed for creating a wildly successful Christian television network, dies in a plane crash, his wife (five-time Emmy Award nominee and Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe winner Kim Cattrall, “Sex and the City”) and family are stunned to learn that he fathered three illegitimate children, all of whom are written into his will, threatening their family name and fortune. With monumental twists and turns, FILTHY RICH presents a world in which everyone has an ulterior motive – and no one is going down without a fight. From writer/director Tate Taylor (“Ma,” “The Help,” “The Girl on the Train”), the series also stars Melia Kreiling (“Tyrant”), Aubrey Dollar (“Battle Creek”), Corey Cott (“The Good Fight”), Benjamin Levy Aguilar (“Straight Outta Compton”), Mark L. Young (“We’re The Millers”) and Olivia Macklin (“LA to Vegas”), with Emmy Award nominee Steve Harris (“The Practice”) and Aaron Lazar (“Quantico,” “The Strain”). Kim Cattrall also serves as a producer on the series.


Premiere On September 21 At 9/8c On FOX

Intro music:

“Before Dawn”

Creative Commons Music by Jason Shaw on Audionautix.com

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Jinjer announces ALIVE IN MELBOURNE live album, available for pre-order now

(Info from press release)

Pre-Order HERE

Ukrainian modern metal leaders JINJER have announced the official release of the audio recordings from one of the last metal shows played on the planet before the global Covid-19 lockdown: their ferocious sold out Melbourne, Australia performance on March 5, 2020.

Their newly announced upcoming live album, “Alive In Melbourne” features stunning artwork by gifted JINJER fan Gabriel Nicoletti, includes 17 tracks in total (see tracklist below) and will be released on November 20 via Napalm Records.
The band said, "Some shows just deserve to be carved in stone and memorialized forever. This was the case regarding our first ever Australian tour in March 2020, where we hit a few milestones all at once: we finally played on every continent there is to play on, our first time in down under was a complete sellout and more importantly we experienced the love, passion and craziness we've always heard so much about the Australian crowd. Hell, there were even fans from New Zealand that showed up to the party. Now, after nearly half year of lockdown I can barely watch this footage without shedding a few tears. If any of you knew how much time, patience, nerves and effort we put into making this live album possible- you would probably be surprised we managed to pull it off at all. Adversity kept coming and coming, and coming at us again and again but here we are : Alive in Melbourne 2020 is real and it's coming out in all it's visual and sonic glory. Let's watch it, listen to it and let's remember how a real metal gig should look and sound: the sweat, the volume, the performance and the crowd … we need this feeling back. I am proud that we managed to capture this place in time and share it with you as our first official live album."
Coinciding with the announcement, the band has also released a live video for their pummeling tech groove track "Teacher, Teacher!," the opening song of the afore-mentioned show.

“Alive In Melbourne” is now available for pre-order and will be released in various lavish editions, listed below.

“Alive In Melbourne” Tracklist
  1. Intro
  2. Teacher, Teacher!
  3. Sit Stay Roll Over
  4. Ape
  5. Judgement & Punishment
  6. I Speak Astronomy
  7. Who Is Gonna Be The One
  8. Noah
  9. Retrospection
  10. Perennial
  11. On The Top
  12. Pit Of Consciousness
  13. Home Back
  14. Words Of Wisdom
  15. Pisces
  16. Captain Clock
  17. Outro
Napalm Mailorder Only

Napalm Mailorder Only

Napalm Mailorder Only



JINJER live 2020
17.09.20 DE - Munich / Backstage Werk !SOLD OUT!
18.09.20 CH - Aarburg / Musigburg !SOLD OUT!
19.09.20 CH - Wetzikon / Hall Of Fame
20.09.20 DE - Speyer / Halle 101 Open Air
21.09.20 DE - Mönchengladbach / Strandkorb Open Air
22.09.20 DE - Munich / Backstage Werk

26.11.20 RU - St. Petersburg / Cosmonaut
27.11.20 RU - Moscow / Arbat Hall

JINJER live 2021
02.04.21 AT - Vienna / Impericon Festival
03.04.21 DE - Leipzig / Impericon Festival
04.04.21 DE - Oberndorf / Easter Cross Festival
06.04.21 FR - Strasbourg / La Laiterie
07.04.21 FR - Dunkerque / 4 Ecluses !SOLD OUT!
08.04.21 FR - Besancon / La Rodia
09.04.21 BE - Durbuy / Durbuy Rock Festival
10.04.21 DE - Munich / Impericon Festival
11.04.21 DE - Oberhausen / Impericon Festival
03.06.21 ES - Viveiro / Resurrection Fest
04.06.21 CH - Interlaken / Greenfield Festival
05.06.21 AT - Nickelsdorf / Nova Rock
19.06.21 DK - Copenhagen / Copenhell
20.06.21 FR - Clisson / Hellfest
25.06.21 NO - Oslo / Tons Of Rock
27.06.21 CZ - Spalene Porici / Basinfire Fest
03.07.21 FI - Helsinki / Tuska
09.07.21 DE - Ballenstedt / Rock Harz
16.07.21 SWE - Gävle / Gefle Metal Festival
17.07.21 DE - Bornhöved / Blizzarrrd Rock Festival
18.07.21 IT - Crema / Luppolo In Rock
29.07.21 SI - Tolmin / Metaldays
31.07.21 AT - Lustenau / Szene Open Air
06.08.21 ES - Villena / Leyendas Del Rock Festival
14.08.21 UK - Walton-On-Trent / Bloodstock Open Air
19.08.21 DE - Dinkelsbühl / Summer Breeze
21.08.21 DE - Sulingen / Reload Festival

Vocals: Tatiana Shmayluk
Guitar: Roman Ibramkhalilov
Bass: Eugene Abdukhanov
Drums: Vlad Ulasevich

JINJER online: 

Events of the Week