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May 26, 2020

Listen to the premiere episode of TWO CUPS OF COFFEE Podcast with @ThisIsKristin_, @ThisFunktional

Listen in as co-host Jesus Figueroa, @ThisFunktional of ThisFunktional.com, and co-host Kristin, of AccordingToKristin.com  as they discuss their new podcast about mental health, movies, music, and relationships (or lack there of). 

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May 25, 2020

Battle Born release new song BRING THE METAL BACK

British Skyrim themed power metal band BATTLE BORN have just released their song "Bring the Metal Back."

The track is from the upcoming CD Battle Born which will be released in June.

Listen to the song via Metal Bite:
Or Listen to the song via Kronos Mortus:

Pre-order the upcoming CD Battle Born here:
Battle Born are:
Jack Reynolds - Vocals (also in Bykürius and Asira)
Will Kerr - Guitars, Keyboards
Tom O'Dell - Guitars, Vocals (Track 4) (also in Dwarrowdelf and Deavhronun)
Chris Beattie - Bass
Charles Lamacraft-Perrett - Drums
Extra guitars from Ethan Bishop (Asira/Bykürius/Cairiss on Tracks 3 and 4)

Track listing:
  1. Battle Born
  2. Bring the Metal Back
  3. Man of War
  4. For Our Home
  5. Sovngarde Awaits

LETS TALK...With ThisFunktional Episode 2 is out now, Special Guest @MikeTheMovieGuy

Jesus Figueroa, @ThisFunktional of ThisFunktional.com, talks with Mike The Movie Guy of IWatchMike.com about the pandemic, “THE VELOCIPASTOR,” streaming, and a fire alarm? Plus final words by ThisFunktional. 

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May 24, 2020

NYC's Toxic Tito will release their scorching debut album BESTIA on August 21

Toxic Tito is a New York City psychedlic/punk/metal/grunge project coming for your head.
The band said, "This album is a real punch in the gut, no fucking around here. Original, and full on "Balls to the walls. Rock Music has gone stale and moldy, pretentious and ass kissing. We don't do that."
They seek to exorcise the demons from the human race, sell a shitload of albums, and get on a Scorsese movie.

This is a band of consummate professionals sharing an anarchistic ‘devil may care’ attitude.

There are no expectations, only the desire to document what was once a good boy.

The bands story starts in 1977 when the Italian-Venezuelan Luis Accorsi formed his first band, Janz Kappela, who were perhaps the first punk band in Venezuela.

From there life took him to New York City where he launched a career as an art dealer and played countless shows at the legendary CBGB’s with bands like Manslaughter and Cracked Latin.

He had become a fixture of the scene.

In 2014 The Flux Machine –  was formed, bringing Accorsi back to the heart of New York City’s thriving rock and roll scene.

A few years later he would launch a brand new project, Toxic Tito which sought to take on the world of metal.

Looking forward, Toxic Tito are preparing to release a new album, entitled “Bestia,” it’s a vicious and ambitious record building off of the insanity of quarantine.

Drawing on everything from ancient problems to the joy of summers arrival it is a bloodthirsty offering from the band.

Accorsi’s massive catalog comes to life with the group as they move forward in crafting some of the most interesting heavy metal to emerge from New York in years.

If you want to get slammed into a punk infused rager… have we got the band for you.

Watch the new trailer, posters for KIRBY JENNER

Executive Produced by Kendall Jenner and Kris Jenner, “KIRBY JENNER” chronicles the daily life of Kirby Jenner, the fraternal twin brother of Kendall.

Kirby is ready to step in front of the camera for the first time — with the full support of his mother and manager, Kris Jenner. 

The 8 episodes series will feature Kirby’s interactions with all members of his blended family, including sisters Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie.

The first two episodes of Kirby Jenner will be released on May 24, with new episodes being released daily.

To watch “KIRBY JENNER,” download the Quibi app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store now.

Quibi is currently offering a 14-day free trial.

Will Premiere On Quibi May 24

Radiant Knife to release THE BODY on August 28, THE GHOST on October 9

(Intended time be listened to before “THE GHOST”)

Born of the Lafayette, Louisiana heavy music scene, experimental duo Radiant Knife has been laying down their unique brand of riffage since 2016.

With Greg Travasos on drums/percussion and Stephen Sheppert on guitar, vocals, and synth, the band creates a monstrous sonic landscape influenced by Mahavishnu Orchestra, Yes, Zeni Geva, Dazzling Killmen, Keelhaul, Loincloth, Today is the Day, and King Crimson.

Radiant Knife is now preparing to release two separate albums later in 2020: “The Body” on August 28, and “The Ghost” on October 9. 

Travasos and Sheppert began making music together four years ago, after meeting by playing shows with past bands. 

Sheppert played in Raedon Kong and Collapsar, while Travasos was a member of The Object at the End of History as well as the touring drummer for international act Brother Dege.
Sheppert said, "We both like doing something different and experimental so it just felt natural.  Once we began jamming together we never looked back."
And indeed, it's been a fruitful collaboration.

The duo released their debut “s/t” album in 2017 and quickly followed it with “Science Fiction” in 2018; both albums were met with accolades from Metal Injection, Invisible Oranges, and more.
Liam Savage of Echoes and Dust said of “Science Fiction,” "I can’t get these songs out of my head after repeated listens.  [...]  I have a distinct feeling that this will be on many people’s year-end lists. It’s that good. It’s not overblown and fancy, and it sticks in your head. What an excellent album from start to finish."
Now on the eve of putting out not one but two albums, this band's future is looking, ahem, radiant.
Sheppert explains how Radiant Knife's writing process led them to be releasing two albums in such a short time span:
"We typically have songs that can be lumped in two broad groups: one group being tech/riff-driven, heavy compositions and the other group being looser and more focused on letting the   music breathe.  In this go-around we just ended up with enough material to fulfill two releases.  Lyrically speaking, The Ghost deals with a lot of spiritual themes (death of the physical body,afterlife beliefs, etc.) so the title seemed to fit pretty well.  In contrast, The Body was a fitting title for the tech/heavy album.  Although different, they are very much connected and I believe should be listened to one after the other to get the full picture of what Radiant Knife is about."

Yanomamo to release NO SYMPATHY FOR A RAT August 7

It’s well established that pretty much everything in Australia is trying to kill you.

So too, apparently, are their heavy metal bands.

This particular specimen, roaming the streets of Sydney, are dealers in pitch-black sludge metal.

The name is Yanomamö, named after an indigenous Amazonian group known for ritual endocannibalism (which itself is metal enough), and after nine years of existence their sound has only expanded further into new territory, this is self-evident on their new release, “No Sympathy for a Rat” (proceeding one album, two singles, and three EPs).

A lot is packed in for a half-hour record.

The four tracks drip with whiskey-soaked swagger and somehow blends the collective wisdom of Sabbath, Corrosion of Conformity, and Kylesa - the latter especially in the title track, where crushing heaviness collides with psychedelic groove.

The bass filters through like treacle, especially on the Evil Dead 3-inspired “Miasma” (“I can smell your filthy soul!”, we are reminded), and gets a real workout as it thunders through the speakers.

The riffs are similarly inspired, with an instant memorability that sets each song apart.

Jack Thomas makes his presence felt with every punch and kick in the crisp and organic drumming.

As well as this, cymbal abuse riddles mid-paced thrasher “The Offering” - and the monstrous crashes that happen in the latter third of the song.

Whatever is being offered as a sacrifice appears to satiate the recipient.

Meanwhile, Scott Tabone roars and shrieks in layers, echoing strains of Neurosis’ rawness, highlighting the troubles of war on “Iron Crown” in one of the record’s most potent moments that - unfortunately - brings the whole thing to a close.

Australia may not be first on people’s minds for ear-decimating metal, but based on the strength of this kind of release it should be.

If you aren’t listening to “No Sympathy for a Rat,” then where the bloody hell are you?

Yanomamö are:
Jason Higson: Guitar
Clarence Wandren Albatross: Bass
Jack Thomas: Drums
Scott Tabone: Vocals
Recorded & mixed by Adrian Griffin, mastered in New York by Alan Douches at Westside Mastering

Track listing:
  1. No Sympathy for a Rat
  2. The Offering
  3. Miasma
  4. Iron Crown

King Gorm release new single BEYOND BLACK RAINBOWS

San Diego throwback rockers KING GORM have just released their new single "Beyond Black Rainbow" via their Bandcamp.

The song is recommended for fans of Rainbow and Deep Purple.

Listen to the song here:

Track listing:
  1. Intro
  2. Freedom Calls
  3. Four Heroes
  4. Irondale Burning
  5. Song From Brighter Days
  6. Beyond Black Rainbow
  7. The Witch of Irondale
  8. Slaughter the King
  9. Ultimate Reality
Francis Roberts - electric guitar, vocals, music & lyrics (Old Man Wizard, ex-Dread Crew of Oddwood)
Erich Beckmann - bass guitar (Kirby’s Dream Band, Grim Luck)
Dylan Marks - drums, percussion, vocals (Beekeeper, Fermentor)
Saki Chan - Hammond organ, ARP Odyssey, mellotron, vocals

May 23, 2020

TALES: OF HUMANITY AND GREED full-length from french melodic death metal goliaths Temnein out now, streaming

Stream / Share TEMNEIN's Tales: Of Humanity And Greed At THIS LOCATION
“Tales: Of Humanity And Greed,” the latest full-length from French melodic death metal goliaths, TEMNEIN is out now.
Produced by "El Mobo" (Loudblast, ETHS, The Great Old Ones, Eryn Non Dae) at Conkrete Studio in Bordeaux, France, “Tales: Of Humanity And Greed” is a captivating ten-rack journey thematically based on various stories, myths, and legends exploring classic childhood occidental fairy tales, unsung fables from Asia and Inuit lands, pop culture universes (Legend Of Zelda, Majora's Mask, Doctor Who etc.), and much more.

Each story is linked to a common theme: the repetition of human error. Musically, TEMNEIN here employs shorter song structures than previous offerings adding more dynamics to their melo-death foundation.

More doom/death and post-metal influences have crept into the band's sound consequently enhancing the overall atmosphere.

The record comes swathed in the stunning artwork of Vincent Fouquet (Meshuggah, Kataklysm, Moonsorrow, Kampfar, Nordjevel).
Stream Tales: Of Humanity And Greed in full at THIS LOCATION

“Tales: Of Humanity And Greed” is out now independently with worldwide digital distribution by Blood Blast, a new service powered by Nuclear Blast and Believe Music.

Find ordering options at THIS LOCATION and HERE.
Forged in France in 2009, TEMNEIN invokes the spirits of At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity, Ghost Brigade, Insomnium, Opeth, In Mourning, and the like while remaining singular in their output.

The band has released two prior full-lengths: “404 B.C.” (2014) through Mighty Music and “White Stained Inferno” (2017) through Massacre Records, both of which reaped critical accolades from various international metal outlets.

Of “White Stained Inferno,” Decibel Magazine wrote in part, "In addition to a slew of driving, main riffs, TEMNEIN fit in fancy leads, licks and melodies, furious and rhythmic drumming and plenty of vocals.." Added The Metal Observer, "The band effortlessly combine melody and aggression, delivering a number of fantastic songs that will live long in the memory."
Over their decade-plus time together, TEMNEIN has toured through Europe, the UK, Russia, and Japan, including support slots with the likes of At The Gates, Beyond Creation, Hate, Mors Principium Est, The Crwn, Svart Crown, and many others.

The band has performed a host of European festivals including Durbuy Rock Festival, HRH Fest, Aalborg Rock & Metal Fest, and Loud Farm Fest, with more live invasions to be announced in the months to come.

Atavistia release new lyric video for THE FORBIDDEN ONE

Canadian epic metal band ATAVISTIA have just released a lyric video for their song "The Forbidden One" via Captured Howls.

The song is from their album "The Winter Way" which is being released next week.

Watch the video here:

Pre-order The Winter Way:
As this most unusual spring begins, Vancouver metallers ATAVISTIA are revealing the tracks to their long-awaited sophomore album “The Winter Way.”

To be independently released on May 29, this is a must listen for fans of Wintersun, Ensiferum, Dimmu Borgir, and symphonic metal newcomers Dialith.

Opening instrumental sequence "From the Ancient Stones" rolls straight into "The Atavistic Forest," where frontman Mattias Sippola greets listeners with his characteristic snarl. 
The band said, "We are very happy with the turnout of The Winter Way. The album is quite dynamic ranging from pounding blast beats to emotional clean vocal driven sections. Our blood, sweat, and tears have poured into The Winter Way and we cannot wait to share it with the world."
Indeed, the band's effort and precision on this album suggest many successful seasons ahead for Atavistia.  

About Atavistia
Atavistia is an epic metal band from Vancouver, Canada. They explore various forms of metal within their music resulting in a symphonic mix of nature, atmosphere, and technically precise musicianship. The diversity of Atavistia, much like a forest in the full bloom of spring is something to behold. 

Influenced by the epic landscapes and nature of British Columbia, the coldness of winter and the flourishing of summer can be felt in each song. Visions of lands long forgotten in time are key elements behind the music of Atavistia.  

Now making the transition from a one-man project to a full band with more and more live appearances under their belts, Atavistia is poised to take 2020 by storm. Crank up the volume and feel the sun melting the ice and snow! 

Mattias Sippola -- guitar/vocals   
Dalton Meaden -- guitar
D'wayne Murray -- bass 
Max Sepulveda -- drums

Connect with Atavistia

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