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Facebook Names 'Clash of Kings' its 2015 Game of the Year

7:12 PM

The award caps a remarkable year of success for the real-time, multiplayer strategy war game

Facebook has crowned Clash of Kings its 2015 Game of the Year. Developed by ELEX, the new multiplayer war game has achieved chart-topping success on both web and mobile with more than 70 million players worldwide.

Each year, the Facebook team identifies the games that have made a lasting impact.

A few days ago, Facebook announced the winners of their annual Games of the Year awards and the victory for Clash of Kings marks the first time the award has been won by a game developer from the APAC region.

Clash of Kings became one of the top-performing mobile titles in the world within months of its launch last year, leading ELEX to invest a lot in development and marketing, building a true cross-platform experience for gamers and reaching a wider audience.

This free-to-play strategy game involves building cities, defending castles and conquering land to build a successful empire.

Here are the main milestones the game has achieved:

  • In August 2014, ELEX launched the game on Google Play. Now, the game is a top-10 grossing game in over 90 countries;
  • In January 2015, the game was launched on Apple's App Store, and is a top 10-grossing game in over 50 countries;
  • In April 2015, ELEX developed a web-version of the game from scratch and launched the game on Facebook's App Center in order to reach a global audience. This has helped Clash of Kings to attract a staggering 50 million new players worldwide from the Facebook platform to the mobile versions thanks to over 450 million people who play games on or connect to games via Facebook on mobile devices or consoles every month.

Clash of Kings' success is proof that the rapidly growing company holds a wealth of talents. Since its launch in 2007, ELEX has been remarkably attuned to changes in the gaming industry. Fueled by their global ambition, ELEX started out by developing games for, then shifted their focus to mobile in line with the latest trends and the vision to design high-quality games with global appeal.

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