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Kinokuniya Bookstores will host a Special Holiday In-Store Event feat. IA

1:17 AM

Kinokuniya Bookstore (NY, San Francisco, Seattle) will host Special Holiday In-Store Event featuring IA (dates shown below). It will premiere the live footage from IA’s US debut concert held at Club Nokia - LA Live during Anime Expo on July 4, 2015.

Also, all three stores will carry the special IA merchandizes as well as Kagerou Project original goods sold at 1st Place Official Shop “HACHIMAKI” at various conventions throughout the year.

IA just completed two day live appearances on Nov. 28 and 29 at HYPER JAPAN CHRISTMAS, the biggest J-Pop convention in London with the packed audience and received outstanding reviews.

Her international presence has been sky-rocketed recently as she made her US live debut this summer followed by the first solo concert in Tokyo and the special 3D live showcase in New York.

As she completed her first London shows, her god-mother, LIA (who contributed her voice source to IA) also made live appearance in Singapore as part of AFA 2015 and announced their joint Asian tour which will take place in 2016.

As the details of their first Asian Tour are being revealed, fans in the US can also look forward to see her (and maybe LIA?) in 2016.

In the meanwhile, go to Kinokuniya Bookstores and enjoy the exclusive live screenings and pick up the perfect gift items as you celebrate the holiday season.

IA is a virtual artist brought to life as part of the VOCALOID3.

「IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-」and「IA ROCKS」are both ranked #1 on Amazon Japan Music Software chart.

IA-related videos have collectively garnered more than 100 million views.

IA started her artist career by embarking on a live tour in 2012, followed by a dance music collaboration with the game, “GROOVE COASTER”, as well as collaborations with several fashion brands.

IA is also the featured singer of KAGEROU PROJECT by the multi-talented JIN and also included in Evangelion final chapter comics CD.

Since 2013, IA has reached out to her international audience by doing live shows in France and Taiwan as well as the string of successful concert movie screenings in New York, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

IA made her North American live performance debut with more than 2000 screaming fans in July 2015.

On July 30, 「IA/VT ‒COLORFUL-」for PlayStation(R) was released and ranked #2 on the game chart.

IA performed her first solo concert in Tokyo in September followed by her first New York show and most recently, 2 successful dates in London as part of HYPER JAPAN CHRISTMAS.

Lia came to US when she was 15 and became known as the singer with a “Crystal Voice” from her success of “Tori no Uta”, the theme song of anime AIR.

In 2010,”My soul, Your Beats!”, the opening song for TV anime, Angel Beats! scored #3 on Oricon weekly chart and later became #1 on the Billboard Japan Music Award (Independent Music Entry).

The song also claimed #1 on Oricon Anime Single the same year.

In 2011, LIA received a Grammy Award for ”Calling All Dawns,” the album she participated in as a singer, and has since released a string of chart-topping songs including “JUSTITIA” from TV opening song for TV anime "Angel Beats!" scored #3 on Oricon weekly chart and later became anime, “Wizard Barristers” and “daze / days,” the opening/ending theme song for "Mekakucity Actors."

Lia is the original voice of virtual diva, IA, who was given birth as a form of sound library for VOCALOID™ 3, the voice synthesis developed by Yamaha Corporation.

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