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New Digital Editions: Vertical Comics library, Parasyte, COPPELION

12:48 AM

Look for a surge of darker-edged manga 
coming to digital bookstores early this month.

At last, as announced last week, Digital Editions of the surreal alien-invasion classic (and now anime on Adult Swim) "Parasite" by Hitoshi Iwaaki and the apocalyptic schoolgirls-in-radioactive-Tokyo saga "COPPELION" by Tomonori Inoue go on sale.
Previously "Parasite" was only available in print and COPPELION was only available as a simultaneous streaming title on Crunchyroll Manga.

New volumes will be released weekly.

Check out full Chapter 1 previews at the cover links above.

We're also very, very happy to announce we're now working with the estimable gang at Vertical Comics to release new Digital Editions, starting with "Ajin: Demi-Human," "The Flowers of Evil" and "Witchcraft Works."

Every available volume from these 3 series goes on sale Dec. 8th—that's 24 volumes of manga previously unavailable on digital on sale in one day.

Like "Parasite" and "COPPELION," these series will be available at digital retail partners comiXology, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and nook.

Finally look for every volume of another trio of Vertical hits "Chi’s Sweet Home," "Knights of Sidonia," and "The Drops of God," to be available for the first time on comiXology, also on Dec. 8.

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