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Sponsored review: Uiisii #C100 Noise Isolating In-ear Headphones

6:53 PM

Uiisii C100 Noise Isolating In-ear Headphones are a good quality headphone that are a good value for the price.

The sound is pretty good from the headphones, but it took a bit of tampering with the equalizer on the iPhone settings before being comfortable with quality of sound.

Using the headphones as a headset was great, from using it with an iPhone to make phone calls to connecting it into the MacBook to use with Skype.

The sound on the microphone is loud and clear no matter the device the headphones are plugged into.

The wire seems much better than most headphones that are found around the same price on amazon.

The earbud replacement allow for three different comfort sizes.

Just like most in-ear earbuds the comfort level is all dependent on getting the right size and experimenting on what feels best. These earbuds are soft so the earbuds that come standard on the earbud are good.

Shipping was quick and the headphones come well packaged.

One thing that was strange is that the replacement earbuds are not the same color as come standard already on the headphones. The replacements are white while the ones standard are red.

I rate these headphones 4 out of 5 stars, so far. The sound is great with a bit of adjustment, the microphone is great and it can be used on most devices with a 35 mm jack. If the replacement earbuds were the same color as the standard that come on the headphones it would be much better.

Checkout and purchase the headphones on amazon:

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