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Power Trip treats metal fans on final night of tour

3:19 PM

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Power Trip took the stage to a large Hollywood Palladium crowd on Feb. 12 and delivered loud fast thrashing music.

As the opening act they didn't have the full crowd, but those who were in attendance enjoyed the fantastic sound of Power Trip.

From the moment Power Trip took the stage the crowd cheered and were treated to a great set.

As the final night of the tour, Power Trip lead singer Riley Gale thanked Lamb of God and Anthrax for having them on tour.

The vocals of Gale were almost drowned out by the loud thrashing drums and the deep bass notes.

Fast riffs and power cord helped propel the crowds reaction as they cheered louder and louder with the rhythm of the guitars.

Although the crowd wasn't as large as it would get with a sold out house, Power Trip did all they could to thrill those in attendance.

The set flowed well and with every passing song those in attendance were treated to some of the best music which Power Trip had to offer.

The performance was mostly just play music and not much of a show, but with such a hard raw powerful fast paced band there's not really much moving around the guitarists and bassist can do.

As a show it was mostly watch the lead singer move around, the guitarist and bassists fling their hair around and the drummer beat up the drums, in short an amazing metal performance.

Those who enjoy metal music should check out Power Trip, the have a fantastic sound.

The night in photos:

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