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BATMAN V SUPERMAN Conflict Sticks to Arguing Heroism Differences

2:49 AM

Just when you think the two most iconic DC Comic characters will be slugging it out they keep it PG-13

Written by Jesus Figueroa

From the trailers the battle seemed to be waged between Batman and Superman in 0Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice."

The battle in the movie is actually not as physical as it is contrasting styles and opinions.

Bruce Wayne, played by Ben Affleck, is in Metropolis as the battle between Superman, played by Henry Cavill and Zod, played by Michael Shannon, ravages the city.

Affleck steps into this role with an impressive physique and a darker personality. The serious demeanor surpasses that of Cavill who brought to the screen a more serious Superman.

Cavill reprises his role as Clark Kent/Superman and there's not much difference than his portrayal in "Man of Steel." There are several instances where Cavill is supposed to be more compassionate, but still it feel like a disconnect from the character and jolts the movie.

Alexander Luther, played by Jesse Eisenberg, sets out to prove that absolute power corrupts and in so Superman isn't the savior the world takes him to be.

Eisenberg is beyond incredible in this role. The quirky genius he plays is brilliant and saves the movie. Although his character cannot match up to the strength of Superman, the cunning brilliance surpasses that of Superman and Batman.

Lois Lane, played by Amy Adams, moves to keep the purity of Superman in the spotlight.

Adams' character isn't impactful in the movie, but her portrayal is great. She's able to be a believable reporter and keep a strong, yet emotional, character.

Then comes added to it a weird connection to Diana/Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, who shows up scattered through the movie to add mystery and charm to each scene she is in.

Gadot is beautiful and scene stealing. She's mysterious and charming as Diana as well powerful as Wonder Woman. She matches the allure and mystery of Affleck and still can stand toe-to-toe with the powerful built of Cavill.

The movie as a whole comes in at about 2 hours 30 minutes and crams so many different things into it.

It could easily been split into a Superman movie and a Batman movie and worked as a shorter more action-packed film.

Moving back and forth from Batman to Superman gets tiresome and can feel disorienting and seems to prolong the story.

The points where Batman and Superman work together to get a goal accomplished are quick and attention grabbing.

The story takes from different comics and Batman and Superman story arcs to try and mesh so many things together. It can work at certain instances, but can feel repetitive at points and loses its focus.

The loopholes in the plot and conclusion can get lost in between all the direction this movie goes in.

I give this superhero movie a 3 out of 5 Popcorns. The dark knight and the man of steel square of in a battle which ends in a less than spectacular manner. The leg work and explanation to everything can get slightly repetitive and the only aspect which saves this is Lex' maniacal genius. The two juggernauts of the film fall short to the mental giant Lex. There are some unexpected plot twists, but one major one feels like a stretch.

"Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" opens in theaters March 25.

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