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Discovery en Español Premieres An Epic Production About Mary of Nazareth

12:29 PM

'El Evangelio Según María' premieres March 20 
as part of the network's special Holy Week programming

Catholics, Orthodox Christians and Muslims consider her a central figure in their journey of faith, but how much do we really know about the woman who, according to the Gospel, is the mother of Jesus?

Did she really exist?  In "EL EVANGELIO SEGÚN MARÍA," premiering March 20 at 9 p.m. E/P, Discovery en Español takes a closer look at the fascinating figure of Mary of Nazareth.

Mary's life was marked by wondrous and inexplicable events, and even today after two thousand years she continues to be credited with miracles and apparitions.

A young Jewish woman, mother of a divine being, a virgin before and after the birth of Jesus, a devoted wife and witness to her own son's death; but beyond these familiar stories, what do we know about Mary?  Is there concrete proof of her existence? When and how was the Marian cult born?

This thrilling special explores these and other events through the contributions of experts, the analysis of historical and literary sources, archeological finds and theological studies.

The documentary retraces the story of the Annunciation and visit sites relevant to Mary's life, including the Holy House of Loreto, St. Anne's Church in Jerusalem, and the Milk Grotto in Bethlehem.

The final stop is Ephesus, where the documentary considers a question that has long been the subject of debate: Did Mary spend her final days in Ephesus or in Jerusalem?

In addition to EL EVANGELIO SEGÚN MARÍA, Discovery en Español's Holy Week programming will include a special showing of the series 'Conspiraciones Bíblicas' on March 26 starting at  p.m. E/5 p.m. P.

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