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THE HISTORIAN Writes History While It Is Happening

11:49 PM

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Everyone has their personal history, "The Historian" gives a voice to the events which make up a person's history and the tragic events which define a person.

Although the ending may be controversial, the message of getting through life making the events our personal history which should be remembered and used to power the life we work towards having.

Dr. Ben Rhodes, played by Miles Doleac, is the new adjunct professor at a university in the history department who has recently left his wife.

Doleac is as human and complex as possible. He's fantastic at bringing out emotion and seriousness when needed.

Dr. Valerian Hadley, played by William Sadler, is the head of the department who is the mentor to Anna Densmore, played by Jillian Taylor.

Sadler is tasked with bringing to like an unstable character whose life is changing. He's able to take this character and make him believable. He's good at keeping up the prestigious demeanor while adding a pretentious touch.

Taylor is just cute and attention grabbing. She's quirky and still has an intellectual feel which helps propel her as being a Grahame student. Still she's hot and is able to transition her character through the movie.

Ben gets into a relationship with fellow professor Stacy Castillo, played by Leticia Jimenez, which just adds to the drama.

Jimenez is sexy and smart with a sassy attitude. She's able to contrast Doleac's serious role.

The story takes on several real life issues and address them in a respectful way.

The story culminates at a point where every story is at its climax. Even with so many story lines it's never confusing and the ending brings all of them to a close.

I give this movie 5 out of 5 Popcorns. It's entertaining, has complex storylines which are easy to follow and the ending is great. There's a bit of controversy with the ending, but it gives insight to this point of view. Taylor is hot and a spectacular actress.

"The Historian" is out On Demand now.

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