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PREVIEW: An Evening with Legendary Artists Rob Prior

12:06 PM

Rob Prior giving out signed posters
from the camera pit.
Written by Jesus Figueroa

An evening filled with sushi and warm sake at Katsuya with the legendary artist Rob Prior and some of his friends before he was to take the stage to push his artistic talents to a new limit in front of his hometown for the first time at a public event became more than just a simple interview, it became a sensational conversation with an artistic focus.

Having done some research, and being aware of his work, I knew Prior would be an interview like no other.

After mentioning rapper Souleye said, "He (Prior) puts the functional in dysfunctional." Prior laughs and agrees as he continues eating.

Prior is able to draw and paint with both hands at the same time, which is unique, and he is able to do it well.

The conversation goes from inspiration to performing on stage for the first time as Tech N9ne asks Prior to paint during a show. With some nerves Prior steps on stage and realized that he's been thrust into something he wasn't quite ready for, but he was on stage and there was no turning back.

While getting to know Prior he began to ask questions as well and became interested in my story. He began to turn the tables and interview me as I interviewed him. That's when it became something much different than any interviews before.

The conversation shifted from the music of Tech N9ne to his career and then deeper to art as the conversation about journalism goes from what I enjoy to my favorite interviews, which was my interview with Alfred Molina, who Prior is a fan of as well.

Prior looks for opportunities which challenge him as an artist. For this session painting while Tech N9ne does a set at The Vovo, previously Club Nokia, he was set to paint two separate paintings, one at each end of the stage. He would have to run back and forth as Tech N9ne performed. which Prior admits Tech N9ne can take his focus away sometimes, but Prior said that when he is in the zone he is like in a trance and his passion for the art takes over.

Before the set, Prior gave away some limited edition posters which are of Tech N9ne/Batman mesh.

A full story on the entire interview and evening along with some audio clips from the interview will be coming soon.

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