Award-winning indie thriller THE SCARAPIST™ now available on Video on Demand on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, more

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Based on a horrifying true story, "The Scarapist"™ 
unleashes insanity on Video on Demand

Following its successful festival run, limited release in Landmark Theatres and screening at the 2016 Berlinale European Film Market (EFM), award-winning indie thriller "The Scarapist"™ is now available on Video on Demand (VOD) in select markets on platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vimeo and more. 

A DVD release is scheduled for later this year. 

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"The Scarapist"™ is based on a shocking and horrifying true story of therapist abuse. It won best picture from the Verein Deutscher Kritiker Und Filmemacher, or VDKUF, at the 2016 Berlinale EFM. 

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Audience and critical response has been overwhelming. 
Due to the traumatic nature of its content, and the authentic emotional landscape and real-life situations represented, the filmmakers have added the following trigger warning: "This film, based on a true story, depicts actual events, and has been known to cause disturbances and even psychotic reactions. Viewer discretion is advised."
Co-directed by Jeanne Marie Spicuzza, who also penned the screenplay, and Synthian Sharp, "The Scarapist"™ stars Spicuzza, Katy Colloton of TV Land's "Teachers" and R. Michael Gull. Spicuzza, David Spicuzza and Marjorie Spicuzza are executive producers, with Shari Hamrick as consulting producer. 

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In the wake of the VOD release of "The Scarapist,"™ Spicuzza is prepping for her next feature, "Night Rain," also a thriller. "Night Rain," which recently ran a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, is slated for production in fall of 2016 in Los Angeles. The "Night Rain" campaign is currently InDemand at

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