The Cinefamily Kicks off Full Career Retrospective of Documentary Filmmaking Legend Frederick Wiseman

12:50 AM

Unprecedented four-year, career-spanning series 
at The Cinefamily
Wiseman making a rare Los Angeles appearance 
for opening weekend
Begins August 25 - Master Class with Wiseman, 
August 27 - screening of newly restored classic Titicut Follies

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Cinefamily Trailer:

Non-profit cinematheque The Cinefamily kicks off an exciting new documentary film program "UNORTHODOX" which will begin with the first night of a four-year, career-spanning retrospective of the work of veteran documentary filmmaker FREDERICK WISEMAN with a screening of a newly restored 35mm print of "TITICUT FOLLIES" on August 27 at Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theater in West Hollywood, CA.

Wiseman will appear in-person for a Q&A after the screening on August 27 to discuss his first foray into non-fiction filmmaking and touch on his 50 years of filmmaking experience. Wiseman will also appear on August 25 at the Vista Theater to teach a Master Class on filmmaking.
"It's unprecedented for Cinefamily to commit to such a large retrospective of a single filmmaker--but Wiseman's incredible breadth is matched by his consistency, each film another perfect brick in a lifelong edifice of brilliant work," Hadrian Belove, Executive Creative Director and Head Programmer of The Cinefamily, said. "Watching all 42 films will be an exciting journey, and Titicut Follies is the best way to kick off our new documentary series, UNORTHODOX"
"Even though he's the greatest American documentarian of the century," Belove said. "Somehow he's never really been properly celebrated in Hollywood--until now."
This brand new 35mm print of Titicut Follies will receive its first showing in Los Angeles on August 27 at Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax, and will continue a run at Cinefamily through August 31, followed by a week-long run of his second feature film, High School (1968), also newly restored. 

The 35mm prints were preserved and restored by the Library of Congress National Audio-Visual Conservation Center from original camera negatives in the Zipporah Films Collection.
"I am very pleased that Cinefamily is doing a complete retrospective of my films," Frederick Wiseman said. "This will give the audience a chance to see them on a big screen and for those interested to find the thematic connections."
Cinefamily will continue the first quarter of the filmmaker's full career retrospective with screenings of "Law and Order" (1969), "Hospital" (1970), "Basic Training" (1971), "Essene" (1972), "Juvenile Court" (1973), "Primate" (1974), "Welfare" (1975) and "Meat" (1976) running every Saturday beginning September 3. 

The next three Fall seasons will cover the remainder of his career, to run during the Fall of 2017, 2018 and 2019.

The first feature-length film by documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman, "Titicut Follies" (1967) is a cinéma-vérité portrait of the patients of Bridgewater State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, a correctional institution based in Massachusetts. 

More than 29 days, Wiseman documented the appalling patient conditions inside Bridgewater, which included unsanitary living environments, public humiliation, and other basic human rights violations. 

Banned upon its 1967 release due to questions of ethics and patients' rights, Wiseman's Zipporah Films finally released home distribution rights to Titicut Follies on DVD in 2007.

For tickets and complete series screening info

About the Cinefamily
THE CINEFAMILY is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of movie lovers devoted to finding and presenting interesting and unusual programs of exceptional, distinctive, weird and wonderful films. The Cinefamily's mission is to reinvigorate film culture by fostering a spirit of community and a sense of discovery. We believe that movies work best as social experiences: they are more meaningful, funnier and scarier when shared with others.

The Cinefamily was founded in 2007 by brothers Dan and Sammy Harkham and Hadrian Belove, founder of Cinefile Video. The Cinefamily currently averages 14 shows per week, many of which are enhanced with special guests, live music, dance parties, potlucks, and other kinds of social fun. Over 65,000 patrons visit the Cinefamily annually. Please visit for more information.

UNORTHODOX is a robust new program at the Cinefamily that will focus on the presentation of the highest quality, most innovative documentary projects to an eager, captive and curious audience. UNORTHODOX will bring forth the visually interesting and the formally compelling, and will challenge its audience with unexpected, refreshing programming that shines a light on the underseen gems in the non-fiction space. Screenings this year have included the 2016 Sundance films Holy Hell, Nuts! and Tickled, and will continue with a concentrated weekend of films September 3 - 5, 2016 with four international titles, three Los Angeles premieres and a prescient, timely repertory screening of the 35th anniversary of Killing of America. Visit for more information.

About Zipporah Films
ZIPPORAH FILMS, INC. was founded by Frederick Wiseman in 1971 as the umbrella organization for the distribution and production of all the Wiseman films. The company handles every aspect of film production, release and support to film festivals, theatres, organizations, broadcasters, and individuals in what is now a fairly unique model of self-distribution. For thirty-five years and twenty-eight Wiseman film releases, Karen Konicek has run Zipporah Films as the Director of Distribution/Executive Producer. For more information about Frederick Wiseman and his films, please visit

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