A funny short to watch this Halloween: A TRICKY TREAT by Patricia Chica

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A funny short

to watch this Halloween:

A Tricky Treat by Patricia Chica

*** Available on YouTube ***

From Oct. 29 to Nov. 1 exclusively

The multiple award-winning short film A TRICKY TREAT, directed by Patricia Chica, written by Kamal John Iskander and produced by Patricia Chica, Grace Santos and Byron A. Martin will have an online release for Halloween weekend.



This shocking tale of the unexpected presents the story of a man (Leonard Waldner) who is kidnapped by a very strange family, and his fate is held in the hands of two kids. The family members are played by Steve Brewster, Andrea Fletcher, Keira McCarthy and newcomer Marco Reilly.
“I wanted to create an interesting metaphor, using role reversal, about how humans treat animals (i.e. turkeys for Thanksgiving), waste trees (at Christmas), and pumpkins (on Halloween) in a voraciously consumptive and unconscious way for the sake of ceremonial tradition,” the director Patricia Chica said.
A TRICKY TREAT was shot in Los Angeles, executive produced by Tara Kurtz (Los Angeles). Co-Executive producers are Adonai Interiano of HNI Productions (Los Angeles) and Morris Umali (Australia).

Patricia Chica is a multiple award-winning director whose previous films La Promesse (2000), Rockabilly 514 (2008), Day Before Yesterday (2010), Ceramic Tango (2013), Serpent’s Lullaby (2014), A Tricky Treat (2015), and Crimson Dance (2016) have won numerous awards and have been screened in over 200 film festivals worldwide. 

She is also an avid social media guru with over 10K+ real followers on her various online platforms. 

Her upcoming film Morning After (2017) delves into the subject of sexual fluidity.

Patricia Chica's main purpose as a director is to use the language of cinema to open conversations about material often silenced as taboo or controversial. 

Through her speaking and filmmaking, Patricia has helped bring awareness and discourse to social issues like HIV-AIDS, Blood Donation, Depression, Suicide Prevention and Homelessness, as well as LGBTQ, Aboriginal and Human Rights.

To know more about A TRICKY TREAT, please visit these sites:
Hashtag: #ATrickyTreat

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