Charlotte Premiere Of Award-Winning Film A BILLION LIVES To Salute Local Firm's Leadership In The Vaping Revolution

12:40 PM

Kathy Ireland Honorary Chair of Event Sponsored 
by KURE Vaporium

The award-winning documentary "A Billion Lives" will have a special Charlotte, NC premiere Dec. 8, to celebrate support of the "vaping revolution," the effort to popularize and support vaping. 

Charlotte's very own KURE Vaporium, an industry leader in the vaping movement, has scheduled a premiere screening of the film for 7:30 p.m., Regal Cinemas Stonecrest at Piper Glen Stadium 22.
"Come join us and feel the enthusiasm around vaping, a consumer led revolution, offering everyone a more exciting way to live," John Weston, KURE's President, said.
"'A Billion Lives' is an incredible reminder of the lethal dangers of smoking. Aaron Biebert takes his audience on a journey that will not be forgotten. It is a great honor to join Martin and Cindy Sumichrast of KURE Vaporium in their generosity and support of this important film. Our Co-Chairs for this red carpet event include the Sumichrasts, Rick and Diane Siskey as well as Craig and Anne Brewer," Kathy Ireland Chair and CEO kathy ireland Worldwide, said.
"A Billion Lives," directed by Aaron Biebert, has already been awarded Best Film prizes from the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival and the Houston International Film Festival, as well as glowing reviews and further acknowledgement from other festivals. 

It takes a strong look at the prophylactic promise of the new alternative to traditional smoking.
"Every new breakthrough suffers resistance and attack from special interest groups, Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and State and Federal government, whose profitability and tax revenues are threatened by science's march forward," Weston said. "But we believe that the success stories of vaping's users and emerging research will carry the day. At KURE, we strive to be more than just a 'vape shop'. We share the passion for the art of vaping and choice of an alternative lifestyle. Each KURE Vaporium gives a community the first superb 'total vaping experience'. KURE is dedicated to advancing the vaping revolution without losing sight of their local community origins."
"Being in Charlotte and visiting the cool KURE Vaporium opened me up to vaping. As a Marine, many of my fellow soldiers became addicted to nicotine and while helping our country, hurt their health with one of the few pleasures we had available. KURE puts you in control, from zero nicotine with great flavor to a big blast. I've modeled for many companies, and am proud to endorse KURE," Tommy Meharey, VP, Board Member of kathy ireland Worldwide and Co-Founder of I'M 1, a new men's collection developed by kathy ireland Worldwide, said.
This film is an eye opening experience to those who support vaping. 

To make this new film and its significant message available, the premiere screening in Charlotte is only twelve dollars per ticket. 

Tickets can be purchased prior to showing by going to

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