'Don Jon' fails to create a decent story

Jesus Figueroa
Tony Danza, left, Glenne Headly Writer/Director/Star Joseph Gordon-Levitt
and Brie Larson in Relativity Media´s "Don Jon".
Written by Jesus Figueroa

Extreme measures are taken to portray a porn addiction in "Don Jon."
The film had many elements that could have made it a good film but took a slow approach to telling the story.
Jon, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is a fit man who has small to no ambition to evolve past his routine life. He is content with hanging out with his friends, working out, attending church, seeing his family, going out to the clubs and getting just about any girl he wants. But, he finds that no sex he has can match up with the sex he sees while watching porn and masterbating.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays an annoying character which does not feel realistic. His portrayal seems overwhelming and distracts from the flow of the story.
Jon has dinner with his parents on a regular basis. His father Jon Sr., played by Tony Danza, is distant and selfish. His mother Angela, played by Glenne Headley, is hopeful for the day Jon will find the right girl.
Scarlett Johansson (right) stars in
Relativity Media´s "Don Jon".
When he meets Barbara, played by Scarlett Johansson, Jon is instantly struck by her beauty and thinks she could be the one to finally meet the standards he has set after countless hours or watching porn.
Johansson is hot. None of the other actresses compare to how amazing she looks. But her accent is annoying.
Barbara manipulates Jon into changing to be who she wants him to be. She gets him to go to school to "better himself."
In school he meets Ester, played by Julianne Moore, who is distraught and a mess herself.
Moore plays a quirky and understanding human being. Her acting seems appropriate to real life while the rest of the cast seems extreme.
With Ester trying to befriend Jon, Jon needs to examine his life and the path he has chosen to take.
The ending comes after some growth and change from Jon and is a decent way to end the film.
I give this film a 1 out of 5 Popcorns. The film drags on and on. This short story gets stretched so far that it becomes boring. The two best parts of the film are Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore. The story could be condensed to a short film and the characters can be more relatable by being less extreme.
"Don Jon" is out on Blu-Ray/DVD now.

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