'Grudge Match' makes a match for the ages

Jesus Figueroa
PRESS CONFERENCE– Razor, played by Sylvester Stallone, left, Dante,
played by Kevin Hart, and Kid, played by Robert DeNiro sit down to announce
Kid and Razor's grudge match.
Written by Jesus Figueroa

Razor and Kid fight their way to making "Grudge Match" a heart-warming and comical film.
The merging of footage from "Rocky" and "Raging Bull" was the icing on the cake to this battle of the legendary film boxers.
Henry "Razor" Sharp, played by Sylvester Stallone, fights against Billy "The Kid" McDonnen, played by Robert DeNiro, in two fights in which first Kid wins the light weight championship and the Razor wins it back in the second fight.
Stallone seems to have grown older but has become a seasoned actor. This role allowed him to show that not only does the action star still carry a strong punch but also can handle the emotions, the comedy and the complexity of his role.
DeNiro manages to bring an array of acting skills to make his character both vulnerable and confident.
Razor retires from boxing, without cause, leaving the score even and unsettled.
Razor is left almost broke by his manager Dante Slate, Sr., played by Anthony Bean. Razor resorts to going to work in a steal mill and living in a old rundown house.
Kid opens up a restaurant and does well for himself.
Dante Slate, Jr., played by Kevin Hart, looks to make some quick money by convincing Razor and Kid to be included in the making of a video game.
Hart does a great job of being funny and witty but comes off as annoying often.

After a brief fight that goes viral the rivalry heats up and the grudge match 30 years in the making begins.

Through training both discover new things about themselves and the way their lives have changed.
Razor recruits his former trainer 'Lightning,' played by Alan Arkin, as the trainer and begins his journey to regain his fighting form through traditional old fashioned techniques.
Arkin is hilarious and matches wits with Hart fantastically. Arkin establishes himself as the powerhouse comedy figure of the film with over the top jokes.
Kid tried to recruit trainer Frankie Brite, played by LL Cool J, whose family owes Kid for their success, but ends up bing trained by his estranged son B.J., played by Jon Bernthal.
There's not much to say abou LL Cool J because he's not a major part of the film, but Bernthal has a magnificent role which adds depth to the story. Bernthal helps add depth to DeNiro's character and allows growth for DeNiro's character.
The ending is fitting and comes after a well structured film which progresses well.
I give this film 4 out of 5 Popcorns. The pace is a bit slow but keeps a steady rhythm which keeps the story interesting. The story is more than just an action film. The comedy is well timed and compliments the situations well.
"Grudge Match" is out in theaters now.

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