@mikethemovieguy, @jennyfly return after two weeks with 'Pierce's Playground Episode 52'

Jesus Figueroa

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Written by Jesus Figueroa

I listen to a few podcast but none are as entertaining as Mike "The Movie Guy" and Jenny Fly's "Pierce's Playground" which brings weird news stories from all around to one podcast.

Along with weird news there is also discussion on movie news, movie reviews, entertainment news and upcoming movie releases.

This week's topics were Chinese New Year, Lil Jon coming to Houston, Psychic/Medium Sandra Logan, Relationships, The Grammy's, A gay cat, "The Last Stand" review and TV news to name a few.

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Twitter: @mikethemovieguy @jennyfly

See more at iWatchMike.comJennyflyBlog.com and in the next issue of Thisfunktional Magazine coming out on Feb. 4. Check out Mike's Movie Mayhem from last issue of Thisfunktional Magazine.


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