Anima É Cuore Studio's Artist Appreciation: Andy Warhol

Jesus Figueroa

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Anima É Cuore Studios honors the great artist's passing by dedicating March's Artist appreciation to American Artist Andy Warhol. He inspired artists and led the visual art movement of pop art through a few well known art pieces including his reimagining of the Campbell's soup can.

Warhol born on August 6 1928 died on Feb. 22 1987 in New York Hospital in New York where he resided for multiple years.

From the Art Appreciation profile of Artist Louis XXX in Thisfunktional Magazine issue 02, viewable here, we can see some of the impeach that Warhol had on modern artists. Through Anima É Cuore Studio's artist Laura Dickenson we see how he continues to inspire new artist.

Thisfunktional Magazine issue 03 available on March 04 online and in print.

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