Calle 13 releases first official single 'El Aguante' for new album 'MultiViral'

Jesus Figueroa
Calle 13 releases "El Aguante"
first official single
from their new album 

4 minutes and 27 seconds that confirm 
the power of one of the most acclaimed bands 
in Latin America
of the last decades
(San Juan, PR -  February 17, 2014) -Less than two weeks before starting the Latin America tour, Calle 13 opened the doors to its 5th production, "MultiViral", releasing their official first single "El aguante" (to endure/resist) on February the 18th. The song, written and performed by René Pérez Joglar (a/k/a "Residente"), was composed, directed and produced by Eduardo Cabra Martínez. The single was recorded by John Blais, Sound Engineer of Visitante's recording studio "Música Satánica" in English, Satanic Music) in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

During four minutes and 27 seconds "El aguante" transports us to different regions and colors, through a song that will show its flag within a universal space. The Celtic/Balkan influence is a remarkable reference where the flute, the sound of the violin and its rhythmic accents mark-off an Irish-Scottish influence that, no doubt, has been instrumental in the birth of genres such as bluegrass and country.

Explaining what motivated him to write this, Residente says: "The lyrics ("El Aguante) were born thanks to the Celtic-Irish influence. Ireland is known as a country full of pubs, where people are happy, hard workers, and hard drinking folks. But also, identified with resistance. Based upon this, I established the analogy with all that we have endured, all that we are holding on to and what we need to go through as human beings."

In his lyrics, Residente threads skillfully a series of events, circumstances and topics that cover various ways in which mankind endures, allows, molds, struggles, and overcome the diversity of impacts that all of us must handle: from resistance to survival, from tolerance to adaptation, from permissiveness to the unacceptable.

Verse after verse "El Aguante" talks about science, anatomy, famine, wars, social repression, racism, the ravages of nature, astral phenomena, economic models and social-political orders, the atomic bombings, abuse of power, dictatorships and executions. In spite of this, C-13 manages to find a spark of humor and turn these daily loads into something bearable, recreating during the song the atmosphere of an Irish bar, cheering with optimism:

For what was 
for what is 
for what will be 
Slainte!* ( In English, slon-chaw )
* Phonetically "slohn-chaw"
Once more, the duo Calle 13 challenges itself to improve their previous work. Definitely, in constant an unstoppable evolution, aiming to mutate day by day, and unwittingly becoming a standard. Simultaneously, they have been creating an entirely new Mise-en-scène that will be seen for the first time next 1st of March 2014 in Buenos Aires' Estadio Ferro.
Calle 13 has worked for over a year on the album MultiViral, their 5th and most recent work -the first under their own label El Abismo- taking care of every single detail of this production. For "El Aguante", recruited renowned mixer Rich Costey, famous for his work with leading figures such as Sigur Rós, Muse, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, Foo Fighters and Audioslave, among many others.  

Calle 13's Latin America tour, which is part of what they call the First Phase, will be realized in partnership with Transistor, the leading independent promoter of concerts and festivals installed in Santiago de Chile, known for its festivals Maquinaria and Frontera. The band will perform around 18 countries, including 10 Latin American capitals and major cities of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela.

El Aguante (Endurance / Tolerance)

We were born to withstand what the body sustains
we bear what came and we bear what will come
we bear [things] despite having our seconds counted
our bodies can withstand being choked up to fifteen minutes.
We endure lashes, so cut off both our arms
fractures in any bone, three weeks with a cast
We hold the urge to go to the bathroom all the time
to see Halley's comet you have to hold for 70 years
We put up with school, the faculty, the institution
when it's dinner time, we hold in our burps
the town of Burundi continues to bear famine
we hold out 3 days to arrive at the moon.               

We tolerate the cold of the artic, the heat of the tropics
we withstand microscopic viruses with our antibodies
we deal with storms, hurricanes, bad weather
we dealt with Nagasaki, we dealt with Hiroshima.
Despite not wanting to, we tolerate new laws
we bear today that kings still exists
we punish the humble ones and tolerate the cruel ones
we withstand being slaves because of the color of our skin.
We tolerate capitalism, communism, socialism
feudalism, even stupidities.
We bear with the guilty [ones] when they pretend to be innocent
We tolerate our f...president every year.

For what was and for what could have been
for what is, for what may be missing
for what's to come and for this instant
cheers to endurance!

For what was and for what could have been
for what is, for what may be missing
for what's to come and for this instant
raise your glass and lets's cheer to endurance!
Cheers to endurance!

We tolerate all types of pain even if it hurts us
we tolerated Pinochet, we tolerated Videla
Franco, Mao, Ríos Montt, Mugabe, Hitler, Idi Amin
Stalin, Bush, Truman, Ariel Sharón and Hussein.
We tolerated over twenty concentration camps
when you swim under water you hold your breath
to build a wall you need to hold the bricks
the one who doesn't smoke tolerates the smell of cigarettes
we bear with Monsanto infecting our food
we bear with the orange agent and pesticides
when we navigate, we deal with seasickness
we deal with minimum wage and unemployment.
We dealt with the Falklands and the British invasion
and in the city of Pompeii we dealt with volcanic lava
and within the logic of humanity
we believe lies and no one withstands the truth.


We tolerate the atheist, the Mormon, the Christian,
the Buddhist, the Jew, the pagan
we tolerate the one who sells bullets and the one who fires [them]
we endured Lennon's death and Victor Jara's
We endured many wars, Vietnam, The Cold War,
The 100 Year War, The Six Day War
Endure [our] revenge, we are coming to retaliate
today our liver withstands whatever the bar invites.

For what was
for what is
for what will be
Slainte! (in English, Cheers!)



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