Guest Post: 10 Current Authors You Should Be Reading

Jesus Figueroa

Written by Mike Hartner (Author of "I, Walter")

10. Rachel Thompson. Her latest, Broken Pieces, is an award winning, Amazon #1 bestselling series of prose exposing the emotions and hurt of victims of sexual abuse. Broken Pieces is gritty, raw and VERY worth reading.

9. Jodi McIsaac. Through the Door is the first in a three part series of Celtic mythology. All three are worth reading.

8. Joannah Miley. The Immortal Game has Greek gods, chess, and romance. How could you not like it?

7. Leigh Ann Kopans. ONE, and then TWO. Romance, YA, Superpowers. How could they not be good? Leigh is a seriously talented author worth watching.

6. Bernadette Pajer. The Professor Bradshaw Mysteries. Professor Bradshaw is the early 20th c. answer to Sherlock Holmes. Fantastic writing, based in Seattle, and well written.

5. Charity Langley. Wicked Intentions is the first in a paranormal series with a kick-ass, take-no-prisoners female protagonist.

4. Selah J. Tay-song. The QaiMai Chronicles. Well written. World building present answer to Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Fantastic. Well worth reading.

3. Mikaela Loudon. The Secret Locket, written by a teenage girl. This is the next generation of writers, and I like what I’ve seen.

2. Sandra Love. Broken is the first in a series. This paranormal adventure starts as a look at abused individuals and morphs quickly. Well written.

1. C. C. Humphries. Vlad is another story investigating the person known as Dracula. All of his books are eventful, and well written.

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