'Nurse 3-D' puts fear into extramarital affairs

Jesus Figueroa

Written by Jesus Figueroa

All Saints Memorial Hospital's Angels of Mercy, nursing staff, have a vicious evil among them in "Nurse 3-D."
One nurse at All Saints Memorial Hospital takes her sickness further than anyone thought imaginable by a sexy and seductive care provider entrusted to help treat illness, but after she's done you will never be sick again.
Abby, played by Paz de la Huerta, despises cheaters so much she is willing to lure them into their final infidelity.
De la Huerta is attractive and alluring with a seductive yet dangerous look. She looks amazing and can seem irresistible when dressed the right way. Her almost monotone voice gives hints to a hidden problem but with her looks it's easy to see why male characters are not listening to much of what she's saying.
By night she patrols the club scene looking for her next victim.
By day she works as a nurse for All Saints Memorial Hospital.
She trains new nurse Danni, played by Katrina Bowden, who despite having a boyfriend, Steve, played by Corbin Blue, becomes an unhealthy obsession for Abby.
Bowden seems like she tones down her appearance to not over power the presence of de la Huerta but still has an attractive nature about her. Her ability to switch between being a strong character to a vulnerable one is incredible making the audiences feel for her during appropriate moments.
After a night of extreme partying and sexual acts, Danni is weary of Abby, but Abby is more infatuated with Danni.
The terror and seductiveness continues as the truth about Abby is twisted and distorted to further hide her secrets.
I give this horror film a 3 out of 5 Popcorns. It has a unique storyline with depth that keeps audience attentive on what is happening. The leads are charming and seductive with the lead character also being deadly. There are slow parts to the film and not everything makes perfect sense until it is explained late in the film. It was just over an hour long so it could have been longer and explained things better.
"Nurse 3-D" in theaters and on Video-on-Demand now.

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