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"Adentro" Premiered Thursday March 6th

René Pérez (Residente) and Baseball Hall of Fame player Willie Mays during the shoot in Arizona, US

The video was recorded between Arizona, Barriada Morales in Caguas Puerto Rico and Cantera Roca Dura in Manatí, Puerto Rico

René Pérez (Residente Calle 13) talks about his experience on this new video and sends a message to children and youth
(San Juan, PR -  March 4, 2014) - "I think that by destroying my own car, that once represented excessive lavishness in my life, I am sending a message to children and youth, that is infinitely worth more than any expensive car. The fact that we live in a consumerist society, even in times of financial crisis, and that each of us, as individuals, still give so much significance to excessive luxury, has resulted in many young people literally killing themselves for it.  

When Willie Mays, a legend of the sport and one of the best and most respected players of all time like Robert Clemente, gave me the bat that I used to destroy the car full of guns and gold chains, it symbolized the power of experience, the power of wisdom, going beyond the superficial goals of the underworld, the "maleanteo", what it means to them to become a gangster, a crook.
That moment reconnected me with my childhood, my youth, my grounds in the sport as an amateur player, and with the experience gained through the practice of a sport since childhood; to learn about life (perhaps not as much as we learn about it through school) but through hard work, dedication, and (to learn) how to be a good teammate", states Residente, Calle 13's front man.   
Calle 13 - Making-of Adentro
Calle 13 - Making-of Adentro

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