Calle 13's New Video "Adentro" reaching 2.5 million views in just 5 days

Jesus Figueroa

Calle 13's New Video
"Adentro" reaching 2.5 million views
in just 5 days!

Calle 13 - Adentro

"Two of the most visible and socially conscious Latin musicians today and an excellent band... few Spanish-language rappers can even come close to frontman René Pérez Joglar's flow. Musically, thanks to his brother Eduardo Cabra (the other half of Calle 13), they concoct a rare combination of songs that are rich in content, and musically appealing... 'Adentro' is gorgeous, and one of Calle 13's most revealing songs."- NPR

The intense, soul-bearing "Adentro," (...) a rap and roots musical mix with
a symphonic crescendo." - Judy Cantor-Navas - Billboard

"Calle 13's new music video certainly offers audiences a profound message of protesting against modern rap, which is more concerned with money, women, status and arrogance. The Puerto Rican group's lyrics are more influenced by social and political concern."- Ester Jang - Latin Post

"I felt compelled to write about Calle 13's new video not because it's news, not because it's Calle 13, but because the song compelled me to. One can look at "Adentro" as Calle 13's manifesto, a dispelling of rumors and assumptions, a disarming call for honesty. (...) In essence, "Adentro" is the anti swag, a critique of rap-school decadence and the ways that we buy into it (...) This is the Calle 13 that makes me believe the hype, the Calle 13 that forgoes the cutesy "Atrévete"s to seize some sort of truth." - Paola Capó-García - Remezcla 

"Calle 13 is no stranger to pushing limits and breaking barriers.
Their newest music video for song "Adentro" features
an appearance by baseball legend Willie Mays, a destroyed Maserati,
and a message to Puerto Rico's youth: Stop the violence."- Bryan  Llenas  - Latino Fox News


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