Gina Rodriguez' inspirational Speech at Television Critics Award's panel for new CW comedy 'JANE THE VIRGIN'

Jesus Figueroa
This Is The Most Profound 
— And Unexpected — 
Speech About Cultural Identity You’ll Read Today

You will fall in love with Gina Rodriguez, star of The CW’s "Jane the Virgin," after reading her powerful and impromptu speech. “The way I grew up, I never saw myself on screen.”
posted on July 18, 2014, at 2:32 p.m.

Read the article and speech here:

Based on the telenovela Juana La Virgen, "Jane the Virgin" follows 23-year-old Jane Villanueva, played by Gina Rodriguez. When Jane Villanueva was a young girl, her grandmother, Alba, convinced her of two things: telenovelas are the highest form of entertainment, and women must protect their virginity at all costs. Jane is a driven young woman studying to become a teacher, nursing a dream to be a writer, and supporting herself with a job at a hot new Miami hotel. She has a wonderful fiancé — a handsome, hard-working detective named Michael — who loves her enough to accept her detailed timeline for their future together and even her insistence on “saving herself” until they’re married. But Jane’s world is suddenly turned upside down when she goes to see her doctor for a routine check-up and is accidentally artificially inseminated with a specimen meant for the patient in the next room.

Cast: Gina Rodriguez, Jaime Camil, Dina Guerrero, Yara Martinez, Priscilla Barns and Andrea Navedo

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