'The Fluffy Movie' a sentimental film full of laughs

Jesus Figueroa

Written by Jesus Figueroa

The first Latin stand up comedy concert to get a nationwide theater release "The Fluffy Movie" by Gabriel Iglesias takes comedy to a serious note.

The sentimental comedy show from "Unity in Laughter" Tour stop in San Jose, California will have audiences laughing but gets to a serious note and shows the versatility in the storytelling ability of Iglesias.

Starting with a dramatization, with cameos by Spanish radio personality Eddie”Piolin” Sotero, Iglesias' friend a comedy sidekick Martin Moreno and comedy legend Tommy Chong, which tells the story of the meeting of Iglesias' parents and the choice to be a professional comedian.

The sold out crowd at San Jose, California starts the comedy concert part of the show.

Iglesias makes fun of being diagnosed with diabetes, even though he takes it seriously, tells comical stories of being on the road with Moreno and makes fun of teenagers and they way things have changed from generation to generation.

He takes on the serious issue of reuniting with his father, being a stepfather to his son and being there for his family.

Iglesias does well in making fun of himself and his now less less fluffy appearance, his stepson and wife and reuniting with his father after 30 years. Each story has no unexpected yet hilarious punch line which breaks the serious tension.

Through it all it's sentimental and comical with laughs easing the tension.

I give this comedy concert film 4 out of 5 Popcorns.

It was a good blend of comedy and seriousness. The storytelling ability of Iglesias keeps focus on the story and makes it entertaining. I expected to be laughing from beginning to end but it too a serious tone and the laughs became distant.

"The Fluffy Movie" is out in theaters now.

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