Emphasizing her strengths as a songwriter, Nena Guzmán signs with SESAC Latina

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Nena Guzmán sums up her current creative heyday with well-chosen words: "I really like to write songs, because I'm fond of music in general." When the inspiration strikes, it can take her anywhere, especially to corridos, a genre that "I can't abandon...they're what launched me."

Pleased to have attended the 2014 SESAC Latina Awards, she adds that new doors are opening in her career: "I consider it a great accomplishment to be able to meet and talk to such talented people. When I began my career, I never thought I'd get the chance to develop as a songwriter. Now I'm starting to work on that facet. I'm working every day."

Another gratifying moment for her has been recording her own songs. She has done so on her new album La Iniciativa (The Initiative), her third on DEL Records.

Its title track is a new romantic song written by Luciano Luna.

Renowned for thriving in a male-dominated genre, Nena Guzmán hopes that the corridos she writes "don't offend anyone or call anyone out, because it's tough to share these with the public, especially when you're a woman."

Born and raised in Tijuana, this young singer-songwriter launched her musical career when "I was in high school, just 14. I uploaded a corrido of mine to the Internet. I spent a year constantly uploading my music videos before getting noticed by DEL Records. I've always been attached to social media. My parents scolded me for spending so much time on MySpace. Now, social networks are still my guilty pleasure, but I've eased up on them."

Discussing the key moments in her work, Nena Guzmán says her favorite place to compose is in the recording studio. But she also remembers a time when "I was in Culiacán and a melody came to me. I couldn't get it out of my head and I shared it with my producer, who encouraged me to keep writing. When I got back to Tijuana I finished the song."

That song ended up on La Iniciativa, and is titled "Amor Verdadero" (True Love). Her other two compositions on this album are "Olvidarte" (To Forget You) and "Yo Soy La Amante" (I Am the Mistress).

Her principal objective is to continue improving as a singer-songwriter and become more knowledgeable about production: "Every day I dive deeper into it. I'd love for other artists to record my compositions one day."

Born Daniela Reséndiz Guzmán, she was always called "Nena," and didn't hesitate when it came time to select her artistic name. It flowed well with Guzmán, her mother's maiden name, and a promising new artist was born.

About SESAC:
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As the first Latin music-focused division to be created by a performing rights society originally founded in 1930, SESAC Latina is also recognized as a leader in technology, which allows it to process royalty payments more quickly and accurately. SESAC is the only society offering its affiliates monthly radio performance royalty payments.

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